Faculty Research and Scholarship Support at James Madison University

As James Madison University’s central research administration office, Research & Scholarship broadly supports the scholarly endeavors of the JMU community, but relies on collaborative relationships across the institution to implement programs, administer policies, and develop creative solutions to challenges impacting researchers. The Research and Scholarship Support at JMU report provides a top-level taxonomy of infrastructure, technology, and material resources, along with pointers to campus offices, centers, and services that are available to JMU researchers. In order to enable use of this document as a launchpad for exploration of research and scholarship resources, URLs that link to additional information are provided when available. This report does not cover all types of research and scholarship topics at JMU, with the most notable exclusions being faculty and other human resources, faculty release time, and research assistants and GAs, the policies of which are managed within JMU departments and colleges.

The development of this document serves as just one example of collaboration among areas of the university seeking to support and enhance scholarly endeavors, specifically – Libraries & Educational Technologies, Information Technology, the Center for Faculty Innovation, and Research & Scholarship.

REPORT: Research and Scholarship Support at JMU

Please contact Ben Delp, if you have suggestions for additional research support services that may be a good fit for this document.

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