About the Office

The JMU Office of Technology Innovation and Economic Development (TI&ED) mission is three-fold and designed to incorporate the key goals and objectives of the university:

  • promote innovation through protecting and commercializing intellectual property developed at JMU
  • create research opportunities by connecting faculty and students with business and industry 
  • foster economic development through business partnerships and launching startup companies

Additionally, the revenues generated support more research and innovation for university departments and colleges. Rewarding our inventors motivates them to solve real-world problems.

Our Services to Innovators
  • education on the intellectual property protection process and prior art search
  • patent applications
  • competition analysis
  • connections to business planning functions such as market analysis, business plan development, and negotiation of licensing agreements.
Our Staff
Profile: Mary Lou Bourne
Profile: Patricia Higgins

Mary Lou Bourne,
Executive Director -
TI&ED and JMI, Inc.

Patricia Higgins,
System and Process Analyst

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