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Training and Development

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Student Employee Training and Development

At UREC, we work to create an environment where our student employees can be inspired to grow in knowledge, skills and abilities that promote and advance healthy lifestyles. 

The mission of the UREC Student Development Committee is to provide programming to develop UREC students at the beginning, during and at the end their time of employment at UREC. To accomplish this mission, we provide training, D3 Student Leadership Series development sessions, and resources for our student staff. Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.

Student Leadership Series Spring 2017

  • Develop: Career Prep 101: Professional Writing– Sarah Wright
    • Tuesday, January 24 @ 7 pm & Wednesday, February 1 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room
    • Description: When a piece of paper is your only first impression, what you say and how you say it matters, and you need it to jump off the page! Come learn howto develop the written communication skills necessary to author professional resumes, cover letters, and e-mails that will be crucial in your future career. As well as learn more about your social identity. Come ready to write!
  • Discuss: Leadership & Values - Art Dean
    • February 21 @ 6 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room 124
    • Description: In this workshop you will have the opportunity to understand how values play a role in the workplace and relationships along with understanding how to harness the power of a team.  
  • Develop: Career Prep 102: Interviewing & Professionalism-Dan Payne & Taylore Moore
    • Tuesday, February 7th & Monday, February 13 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room
    • Description: Will you be searching for an internship or job in the near future? Are you interested in learning some best practices regarding the interviewing process? We will cover topics such as how to prepare for an interview, dress and communicate professionally, and discuss some of the most common interviewing mistakes.  
  • Develop: Workstyles & the Animal Matrix – Julie Wallace-Carr & Steve Bobbitt
    • Tuesday, March 14 @ 4 pm & Wednesday, March 15 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room
    • Description: Join us to take a look at personality styles in a very different way. Our program will enhance your ability to identify your individual behavioral tendencies and preferences including strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and more. It will raise your awareness of some behaviors you may not already be conscious of and will look multiple perspectives and views about work style behaviors as well as how to navigate conflict effectively by enhancing communication and team work in the workplace.
  • Develop: Career Prep 103: Job benefits, student loan, personal finances –Sarah Wright & guest speaker: Tara Roe
    • Tuesday, March 21 & Wednesday, March 29 @ 7 pm
    •  Location: UREC Meeting Room
    • Description: Are you interested in learning more about how to identify good job benefits? Retirement? Health Insurance? What about how to manage your money after you graduate? Did you know that there is a thing as Public Loan Forgiveness? Join Tara Roe from Human Resources as well as Sarah Wright as they discuss these topics and offer advice!
  • Develop: What YOU Need to Look for in Your Next Job - Kristin Gibson
    • Tuesday, April 4 & Wednesday, April 12 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room
    • Description: Knowing what type of work environment, tasks, and values that will lead to your individual fulfillment and satisfaction in the workplace will be a valuable decision-making tool now and later in your career. Join Kristin Gibson for a fast-paced session where you’ll complete two inventories that will help you define your work preferences and walk away knowing what to look for in that next job.
  • Discuss: The Millennial Difference: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Our Generation-Jason Grieshaber
    • Tuesday, April 18 & Wednesday, April 26 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Club Room
    • Description: If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a millennial. But what does that mean? Recently, videos and articles about the millennial generation have gone viral – outlining both the pros and cons attributed to our generation as it enters the adult world. Join us as we reflect on these ideas and discuss what we think being a member of this generation entails, how it shapes our daily lives, and how we can constructively tackle the challenges being a millennial presents both in our the present lives and in the future.

Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.