About Us

We are a co-ed team with about 80-100 members. We compete in the USCSA Southeast conference in events including but not limited to giant slalom, slalom, boardercross, railjam, and slopestyle. We like to race and win but having fun is our central focus.

The fall semester consists of working as a team to get to know each other through fundraising and community service activities. Our racing season begins the first week of the spring semester and runs for six to eight weeks.

How to Join

There are no tryouts. We welcome skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels.

Time Commitment

We practice two days a week in the afternoon at Bryce Resort in Basye, Virginia during racing season.


Annual dues are $175. This covers most team activities, conference, lodging and coaching fees.

Members have to pay individual race fees for every race weekend they attend. Team lift tickets for practice at Bryce Resort are discounted to $10.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

Spring 2020 Season: 

  • Conference: 
    • Men's Ski Alpine – 4th Place 
    • Men's FreeSki – 4th Place
    • Men's Snowboard Alpine – 1st Place 
    • Men's Snowboard Freestyle – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Ski Alpine – 4th Place 
    • Women's FreeSki – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Snowboard Alpine – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Snowboard Freestyle – 2nd Place 
  • Regionals: 
    • Men's Snowboard Overall (Slopestyle and GS) – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Snowboard Overall (Slopestyle and GS) – 2nd Place 
  • Nationals: 
    • Men's Snowboard Alpine (Boardercross, GS, Slalom) – 2nd Place 
    • Men’s Snowboard Freestyle (Rail Jam and Slopestyle) – 5th Place 
Contact Us

Email us at jmuskiracing@gmail.com.
Follow us on Instagram.


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