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Intramural Sports

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Extramural Sports Tournaments

Take advantage of traveling with teammates and experiencing a two or three day event playing against other institutions!

The National Campus Championship Series includes multiple NIRSA-sponsored tournaments between intramural sport champions from various universities in regions competing for a national bid. JMU is in Region II. Teams have the opportunity to represent James Madison University in these tournaments and to compete against some of the best intramural teams in the country.

These tournaments usually consist of champions from the highest level in their university beginning in pool play competition and finishing in a single elimination tournament. The winners receive an automatic bid to nationals and some assistance with travel to nationals, which are usually located in Florida.

The first step in getting involved with extramural tournaments is competing in the top level (usually 3) in a specific UREC intramural sport. The winner of the top division will receive the first opportunity to travel to the extramural tournament with financial support from UREC. In the instance that the team denies the privilege of participating in these tournaments, the second place will receive the option. However, any team that travels to an extramural tournament must possess great sportsmanship or will be denied permission. “Sportsmanship is the only way to play.”

Fall Flag Football Extramural Tournaments

  • October 17-18: James Madison University
  • October 23-25: Ohio State University
  • October 23-25: University of Florida
  • November 6-8: University of North Carolina, Wilmington
  • November 13-15: University of Maryland
  • November 20-22: Western Kentucky University
  • December 4-6: University of Southern Mississippi

Please contact the Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Inclusive Recreation for more information!