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Senior Associate Director and Professor of Sport and Recreation Management
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UREC 208

Julie Wallace Carr began working at JMU in 1992 in Recreational Activities. She is the Senior Associate Director for UREC and a Professor of Sport and Recreation Management in The Hart School of Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management at JMU. Julie manages, markets, and teaches classes in the Campus Recreation Concentration. She is the liaison HTH 100 and Health Sciences and oversees the Graduate Assistant program at UREC.

Julie went to West Virginia University and graduated with a degree in Physical Education and Science. She earned her Master’s in Adult Fitness at JMU. Julie received a Doctorate degree in Human and Organizational Learning at George Washington University. Before UREC, Julie was a Graduate Assistant at JMU Athletics, the Total Wellness Coordinator at RMH Wellness Center, the JMU Fitness, Wellness and Group Fitness Coordinator. She served as the Associate Director for Programming at UREC as well.

Julie won the JMU “All Together One” award in 2006 and was honored with the JMU “Woman of Distinction” staff award in 2006. She was given the Distinction of the Faculty Friend of the Year for JMU Office Residence Life in 2008. Julie is a life-time member of NIRSA. She was also awarded the NIRSA National Service Award in 2007, the 2010 NIRSA Region II Award of Merit and the 2010 & 2011 NIRSA Recreational Sports Journal Award for Outstanding Writing. In 2013, she was recognized as a Legacy Contributor for NIRSA and in 2019 received the NIRA Horrace Moody Award. 

Julie’s husband Ben is a lawyer and an Associate Professor in Sport and Recreation Management at JMU. Julie is very proud of her son Brody. She also has 3 very cool dogs. She loves skiing-downhill, telemark and cross country skiing. She also enjoys playing tennis, cycling, swimming, gardening, cooking, reading, and playing the piano recreationally. Julie’s favorite activities at UREC include swimming and yoga classes. Her favorite thing about UREC is working with the student staff. Her favorite quote is “Become the one you dream you can be” – unknown author. Julie’s favorite movies are The Big Chill, anything Iron Man and Batman and she really enjoys the Thin Man series. Her favorite TV channel is the Food Network, but her favorite shows are Good Morning America, Grey’s Anatomy, West Wing, and Yellowstone. Her favorite type of music is Classic Rock, but she loves all types of music.

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