Ethical Reasoning Engagement Fellow

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Katrina Libera

Katrina graduated with BA in International Affairs and a BS Psychology with a minor in Economics. She joined Ethical Reasoning in Action three years ago and quickly became very passionate about helping her peers understand and use the 8KQ. Today, she works with students in the classroom as a TA for Dr. Hawk's Ethical Reasoning class and as the Ethical Reasoning Engagement Fellow (in addition to her work as a facilitator for the Ethical Reasoning Educators). In addition to her work on campus, Katrina has competed in two Ethics Bowl competitions as well as an International Business Ethics Case Competition at various colleges and universities across the U.S. In the future, Katrina wants to be a professor. She thinks the 8KQ are an important tool to have and use every day and hopes to continue to teach students about it in the future.


The Position:

The Ethical Reasoning Engagement Fellow serves by instructing faculty, staff, students, and members of the community on JMU's distinctive ethical reasoning strategy, the 8 Key Questions. Daily tasks include working with the staff of Ethical Reasoning in Action, preparing instructional activities for student organizations or off-campus community partners, and helping manage Ethical Reasoning in Action's website and blog. The Fellow works closely with Ethical Reasoning in Action's Faculty Fellows, collaborating on ethical reasoning projects with them that take place in all corners of campus.

The Ethical Reasoning Engagement Fellow must:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the 8 Key Questions
  • Have communication skills
  • Have experience communicating and instructing the ethical reasoning strategy to audiences with little to no background knowledge of the 8 Key Questions.
  • Have personal initiative and team effectiveness.
  • Have leadership skills.

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