JMU’s Pre-Law Program involves a network of advisors who can both talk with students about their interest in a legal career and provide advice on the law school application process. The program is available to both current JMU students and alumni seeking to study law.

Individual advising is the main component of the Pre-Law program. Advising is available on a regular basis throughout the academic year. Pre-Law students are not assigned specific pre-law advisors—students are free to choose and contact any of the individuals from the list of Pre-Law advisors (see the list below). Currently, there are ten JMU Pre-Law advisors; students are encouraged to choose an advisor related to their field of study or law interests. Preparing an application strategy, developing a personal essay, choosing to study law (or not), financing one's graduate education and preparing for the law school admissions test (LSAT) are topics frequently discussed with the Pre-Law advisors.

As part of the advising process, alumni and faculty presentations and workshops are held throughout the year for students at different levels to provide more specific information about law study and the admission process.

Pre-Law Advisors

Students should feel free to contact any of the following faculty for Pre-Law advising:

Melinda Adams, College of Arts and Letters, Political Science
Harrison 1108, ext. 83377

Elaine Chisek, University Advising, Political Science
Miller 2163 , ext. 83767

Ben Carr, Sport and Recreation Management
Godwin 360 , ext. 83954

Art Hamilton, Finance/Business Law
Zane Showker 327, ext. 83068

Kevin Hardwick, History
Jackson 226, ext. 86132

Bill Hawk, Philosophy and Religion
Cleveland 218, ext. 86394

J. Chris Arndt, College of Arts and Letters, History
Harrison 1102, ext. 83993

Howard Lubert, Political Science
Miller 2179, ext. 83456

Bob Roberts, Political Science
Miller 2133, ext. 86323

Roger Soenksen, Media Arts and Design
Harrison 0286, ext. 86205

Daphyne Thomas, Finance/Business Law
Zane Showker 315, ext. 83070

Traci Zimmerman, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Harrison 2252, ext. 82334

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