Not everything that you do needs to directly relate to healthcare or research. It is important to stay attune to your personal interests and the ways in which you want to engage in your community outside of your professional career. Engaging in your community, regardless of your member/leader role, is engaging in the process of leadership within your community.

The Minnesota Department of Health does a wonderful job outlining the benefits of community engagement. "As we face the challenge of building more robust and healthier communities for all [...], success will depend upon the effort invested in bringing people together, building and nurturing long-term relationships." Their article outlines the following ways in which community engagement creates potential to achieve these outcomes:

  • Focuses on social justice
  • Helps shape services
  • Helps build trust
  • Helps with outreach
  • Connects people and resources
  • Develops new leaders
  • Creates an opportunity for critical reflection

These benefits, and skills to achieve these benefits, are not fully realized by staying within the silo of healthcare or research. There are a plethora of ways to be engaged in your community, and you should stay attune to your personal interests to make choices of how to become engaged. This page outlines some examples of ways to be engaged in your community at JMU and beyond.

On-Campus Opportunities

There are so many ways to become engaged in the community at James Madison University. It's impossible to list all of the opportunities, but hopefully this gives you ideas and a scope of the breadth of opportunities at JMU! Many campus leader opportunities listed below want a year commitment, and recruitment occurs in February/March for the following academic year.

Center for Multicultural Student Services
Community Service-Learning
Learning Centers Tutor Opportunities
Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices
Student Activities & Involvement
University Health Center
University Recreation
  • Adventure Trip Leaders
  • Fitness and Group Exercise Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Wellness Instructor
  • View descriptions of these opportunities and more on UREC student positions webpage
Other Peer Advisor/Leadership Roles

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