Admissions and Progression Standards are in place to reflect the academic excellence necessary to become a competitive applicant to professional health programs in your chosen profession. Whether that be immediately applying to a professional health program or applying to a postbaccalaureate program to become a competitive applicant.

If your academic performance falls below the admissions and progression standards, you are at very high risk for not being admitted to professional health programs of your chosen profession. We want you to receive feedback about your competitiveness as early as possible. That way, if you are in jeopardy of meeting or not meeting the standards you have time to (a) improve personal habits to prioritize academics, (b) seek support on-campus to improve your academic excellence, or (c) explore other careers that can fulfill your work interests and values with Career & Academic Planning.

If you are administratively dropped from the program because you do not meet the progression and admission standards set forth, we invite you to resubmit your declaration after completing additional coursework at JMU such that you meet these standards. You can redeclare the program through MyMadison.

Pre-PT Declaration and Progression Standards

As a Pre-PT student, you will be subject to performance standard reviews twice a year once you have completed ≥ 10 credit hours in the following courses at James Madison University: BIO 140, BIO 270, BIO 290, CHEM 131, CHEM 131L, CHEM 132, CHEM 132L, MATH 220, PHYS 140, PHYS 140L, PHYS 150, PHYS 150L, and PSYC 101, 160 or 250. Courses with equivelent subject courses (e.g. PSYC 335: Abnormal Psychology) will be substituted to determine if you meet the admissions and progression standards.

With courses taken at JMU, you must achieve and maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of ≥ 3.00  and a Pre-PT Pre-Requisite G.P.A. of ≥ 2.70 (the courses listed above) to maintain your Pre-Physical Therapy declaration. Since physical therapy (D.P.T.) programs consider all course attempts during the admissions process, the G.P.A. calculations for the Pre-PT Program include all JMU course attempts (not courses completed at other institutions). If your academic performance standards fall below a 3.00 overall G.P.A. or a 2.70 Pre-PT Pre-Requisite G.P.A., you are at very high risk for not being admitted to a physical therapy school. Therefore if you are unable to attain or maintain these G.P.A. standards, then your Pre- Physical Therapy Program will be administratively dropped.

You may use the Pre-PT Admissions/Progression Standards Calculator to calculate your JMU Pre-PT Pre-Requisite G.P.A. You can find your JMU cumulative G.P.A. on MyMadison within the dashboard on the Student tab or on your Unofficial Transcript.

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