As part of the application process, you will be required to submit official transcripts of all college or university coursework. An official transcript is typically differentiated from an unofficial transcript by the security sensitive paper on which it is printed with the institution's seal. Before requesting that your official transcript be sent from any institution, review your unofficial transcript to make sure everything looks as it should. Directions are provided below for requesting unofficial and official transcripts.

Using the grades from your official transcripts, multiple GPAs will often be calculated for admissions, such as your overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, and math and science GPA. These GPA calculations will not match JMU's calculations, because different institutions have different repeat forgive/credit policies; therefore, individual institutions and PTCAS calculates standardized GPAs to evaluate applicants using uniform criteria. Learn more from the GPA Calculations webpage.

Most DPT programs have a minimum GPA requirement to apply (typically >2.7); however, minimum GPA scores vary by institution and may be low when compared with the average GPA of applicants offered admission. PTCAS Applicant Data from 2016-2017 indicate the average overall GPA was 3.59 and the average math and science GPA was 3.49. Please refer to individual PT program requirements for further details.

James Madison University

Review Unofficial Transcript
  1. Log into MyMadison
  2. Click the "Student" tab
  3. Click "Student Center"
  4. Click on the "other academic..." drop-down menu, select "Transcript: View Unofficial", and click on the double-arrow button
  5. Click the green "view report" button. This will download an electronic .pdf of your unofficial transcript.
Request Official Transcript

Current students may order an official transcript through MyMadison. Before requesting through MyMadison, please verify that your degree conferral and/or semester grades have been posted by viewing your unofficial transcript (directions above).

  1. Log into MyMadison
  2. Click the "Student" tab
  3. Click "Student Center"
  4. Click on the "other academic..." drop-down menu, select "Request Official Transcript", and click on the double-arrow button

Current students should also read additional the Current Student Transcript information provided by the Registrar.

Alumni and former students should read the Alumni/Former Student Transcript information provided by the Registrar.

Other Institutions

Official transcripts must be submitted from every college or university from which you have taken college courses. This includes institutions through which you may have completed Dual Enrollment (DE) courses in High School. To learn how to request unofficial and official transcripts from those institutions, you will need to search for that information on the specific institution's website. Generally, the dissemination of unofficial and official transcripts is managed through the institution's Office of the Registrar.

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