D.P.T. programs may require you to interview before offering admissions. Interview formats will vary by institution. Some institutions may require an on-campus interview and others may utilize a video interview format (e.g. Skype); some institutions may have a single faculty member, student, or physical therapist as part of the interview, and others may have a panel of interviewers.

If invited for an interview, dress in professional business attire. Be prepared to discuss why you have chosen a career in physical therapy; how you perceive the role of physical therapists in health care; and the experiences where you have had direct exposure to the role of physical therapists.

During the interview, the school will have an evaluation rubric to rate applicants. These rubrics will vary from program-to-program, but will likely include oral communication skills, professional behaviors and attitude, interpersonal skills, knowledge of the profession, ability to solve problems, and motivation to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Career & Academic Planning at JMU provides great information about interviewing and resources to help you prepare.

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