Dr. John W. Hulsey


Coordinator, International Affairs major

John Hulsey received a B.A. degree in Political Science, German and European Studies from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. He completed his Ph.D. in Political Science at Indiana University-Bloomington. His dissertation investigates the effect of ethnic political competition on local-level governance outcomes in societies after civil wars. His dissertation fieldwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina was funded by IREX.

John has ongoing projects on post-election protest, the interaction among empire, state-building and ethnicity, and the effect of political competition on institutional rule changes. Dr. Hulsey’s teaching interests include comparative politics broadly, with more specialized courses on state-building after civil wars, post-communism, ethnopolitics, the politics of the Balkans and of Eastern Europe, the politics of empire, the European Union, and comparative politics for teachers.


OFFICE: 2165 Miller Hall
PHONE: (540) 568-7854
FAX: (540) 568-8021

Department of Political Science
James Madison University
91 E Grace St., MSC 7705
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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