• JMU Giving Day 2021

Thank you for your support on JMU Giving Day 2021

In this year's JMU Giving Day -- on Tuesday March 23, 2021 -- the scholarship fund for the JMU Washington Semester broke its prior Giving Day record by receiving $17,873 in donations that will fund this need-based scholarship program. This generosity exceeded the prior single-day record of that fund by 23%. In turn, our Political Science Department fund and the EU Policy Studies fund received a number of gifts by telephone on Giving Day (and those gifts are thus totaled in a slower process than the Giving Day website). 

On behalf of all our current and future students, we thank everyone who volunteered their time to promote our Giving Day campaigns and everyone who made a donation to one or more of our departmental funds.

Thank you!

In prior Giving Days, our department’s employees, students, and alumni gave our department one of the highest participation rates at JMU. It would be great to extend that momentum this year. Gifts of any size help our department and we can win challenge gifts for high levels of participation by first-time donors. #JMUGivingDay

This year, the Department of Political Science is encouraging its donors to give to the JMU Washington Semester Program FUND via the Giving Day website link below OR to make a donation by phone to either the Political Science Deparmtent FUND or the European Union Policy Studies FUND

JMU Giving Day celebrates participation, so give consideration to making a gift to more than one fund if you'd like.  This year, thanks to the generous support of our Political Science Alumni Board, the first 90 gifts from first-time donors received on March 23 to the Washington Semester FUND will each generate an additional $50. 

Go to http://bit.ly/2QyHNh5 to give to the Washington Semester Endowment. You can then provide quickly the other information regarding your online donation.

Gifts to the WASHINGTON SEMESTER FUND help students meet the cost of interning & studying in DC

Gifts to the JMU Washington Semester Program Fund will support the Washington Semester scholarship program that provides need-based assistance to at least one student per semester. Washington Semester students pursue a full-time internship while completing upper-level coursework. Because participants intern full time for the entire semester, they are in a good position to get the most out of their internship experience. Yet because of the significantly higher costs in terms of housing, transportation and meals, Washington Semester participants spend an estimated $4,500 more than they would during a normal semester. Click to read about the impact these scholarships have had on students.


The Political Science Alumni Board has generously funded up to $4,500 in challenge donations. For up to 90 first-time donors to JMU who give to the Washington Semester scholarship fund on JMU Giving Day on March 23rd, the Board’s challenge will add $50 to each first-time gift received. 

Increase the impact of your donation with a $50 bonus –> and help us drain the bank by getting to 90 new donors! Tell your friends about this challenge. Give what you can, no matter what the amount, because every gift matters!   GIVE NOW: Go to http://bit.ly/2QyHNh5 to give to the Washington Semester Endowment. 

Whether this is your first gift or not, know that your gifts today are making a difference!  Here are some reflections from recipients of these need-based scholarships in the Washington Semester program:  https://www.jmu.edu/polisci/ws-recipients.shtml

Gifts can also be made by phone to support the department's undergraduate programs & the MPA program (via the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FUND) or to support the European Union Policy Studies graduate program (via the EU POLICY STUDIES FUND)

Beyond the online Giving Day challenge this year for the Washington Semester program, people can also support the department's programs and have gifts count toward JMU Giving Day by donating by phone (which takes about 2 minutes).

  • THE POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FUND -- Gifts made to the department’s account support student enrichment activities such as the Moot Court team, study-abroad experiences, transfer-student scholarships, and professional conference presentations by our MPA students.
    • Make a phone call to (855) 568-4483 and ask to donate to the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FUND.

  • THE EUROPEAN UNION POLICY STUDIES FUND -- Gifts made to this graduate program support interactions with European Union and trans-Atlantic affairs specialists during this distinctive one-year graduate program in Florence, Italy.
    • Make a phone call to (855) 568-4483 and ask to donate to the EU POLICY STUDIES FUND.

In addition to making a donation, you can support our online campaign by following the Political Science Alumni Board (FacebookInstagram, and Twitter), liking/sharing/retweeting/reposting our content, and inviting other Dukes to do the same.

Share your giving story with your network to promote the Washington Semester program, our Department, and our EUPS program (be sure to use #JMUGivingDay #WhyJMUinDC and #paintDCpurple).

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