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Global Religion and Global Issues Minor

This minor explores the role religion plays in contemporary global events: from religious terrorism to nonviolence, from the suppression of women to the advocacy of civil rights. In this minor, students will study major global religions and their impact on real-world social and political challenges.

Required Courses

Credit Hours

REL 101. Religions of the World (offered each semester)


One Global Religious Traditions course:


REL 250. Islamic Religious Traditions

REL 288: Introduction to Buddhism

REL 310. (Re)thinking Order and Chaos: An Introduction to Hinduism

REL 320. Judaism

REL 330. Religions of Africa and the African Diaspora

REL 348. Christianity in Global Context

REL 388. Tibetan Buddhism

One Religion and Social/Political Engagement course:


REL 306. Women and Gender in Islam

REL 309. Jihad in Islamic Traditions

REL 314. Gandhi and the Other 9/11

REL 315. Women and Religion

REL 350. Islamic Law and Society

REL/IA 363. Apocalypticism, Religious Terrorism and Peace

REL/ENVT 366. Religion, Animals, and the Environment

REL 380. Contemporary Theologies

REL 383. The Global Refugee Crisis and Religion

REL 450. Religion and Society

REL 488. Buddhism in the Modern World

Three electives chosen from either group




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