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Join Our Newest Special Interest Group!

Conversational Spanish - Free and Open to All Members

Meets: Every Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. by Zoom


The focus of this Special Interest Group is conversational Spanish and everyday vocabulary. We welcome Spanish speakers of all levels who wish to practice and improve their Spanish through short conversations with others.

To keep the conversation flowing, members are encouraged to bring topics for discussions, such as details of a class they are taking or a current topic in the news.

SIG Contact: Group leader, Deb Leap, first learned Spanish in 2018 as part of an LLI class. She has since completed five other Conversational Spanish courses, participated in an intensive Spanish program in Costa Rica, and meets with a Spanish tutor several times a week.



Cuba and the United States: A Troubled History

Thursday, November 12 AND Thursday, November 19      9:30 – 11:30 AM   |   $20 fee


“I have ever looked upon Cuba as the most interesting addition which could ever be made to our system of States.” – Thomas Jefferson, in an 1823 letter to President James Monroe, wherein he discusses annexing Cuba. Relations between the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America have long been intertwined. This two-part program explores key moments in ties between these two nations through both historical and policy perspectives.

Part one focuses on the history of U.S.-Cuba relations from Colonial America through Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution. Part two focuses on post-Revolution relations, U.S. policy under the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Obama, and Trump administrations, and offers a glance into a post-Castro future.

About the Presenter:

This program is presented by Charles “Chips” Lickson, of Front Royal, whose study of Cuba dates back to his university days at Johns Hopkins and his senior thesis, “The Cuban Revolution as a Challenge to the Monroe Doctrine”. Lickson’s experience as a writer-researcher, former practicing attorney, adjunct professor of political science, and conflict resolution specialist offers a unique insight into the Cuba-U.S. bilateral relationship. These experiences also inform his new fictional work, A Warrior of Many Faces, which chronicles the perilous assignments of J.C. Herbert Bryant, an 18-year old U.S. Navy Frogman, in the immediate aftermath of the Cuban Revolution.


Spring 2021 Sessions Coming Soon!!

We are so excited and happy that you are joining us for our virutal learning experiences. Please note the following:

  • All courses will be held online.
  • Courses have staggered start dates and include variable pricing. Be sure to check information for each class.
  • There is no membership fee for the period of July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021.
  • New participants can activate their free membership when registering for their first course. Membership has automatically been extended for everyone who participated last year.

Accessing Your Fall Courses

Online classes are hosted via Zoom, an online video conferencing system. Zoom offers free software that provides students many ways to access lectures and classes.

LLI provides a self-help guide to help students prepare for Zoom meetings. Video tutorials are also available online.

When registering for classes, you will receive an automated receipt that includes a direct link to your course. Clicking on this link will guide you through the steps needed to join your online class.

Links are not interchangeable among classes. Each class has a unique meeting ID. Please follow the link provided with your course registration confirmation.


Preparing for a Zoom Meeting

Zoom can be used on laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even landline telephones, giving students many ways to access lectures, classes and meetings. We encourage the use of web cameras when available as the sense of community presence is enhanced when everyone shows their face.

Installing the desktop version of Zoom will give you the best results and functionality. Students who plan to join Zoom meetings from a mobile device should download the Zoom mobile application.

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View these FREE previously recorded presentations to give virtual learning a try! 


Click here to view the slides from the "Yes, And" presentation with Dr. Brent Lewis.

Rebirth of a Nation: Reconstruction After the Civil War with Dr. Jacqueline B. Walker

11/3 - The Life of Lucy Frances Simms: Harrisonburg’s Most Famous African-American Teacher with Dale MacAllister

Your Brain on Strings: The Physics and Biology of Making and Hearing Music with a String Instrument with Guest Presenter: Dr. Anne Henriksen

Sharing the Silence: The Son of a Holocaust Survivor Tells His Story with Guest Presenter: Rabbi Peter Grumbacher

Cuba: Magnificently Mysterious with Jayne Rynar

COVID-19 In Perspective with Guest Presenters: Dr. Audrey J. Burnett & Dr. Chris Berndsen

How to Spot Fake News with Guest Presenter, Sandra Parks

Injury Prevention and Wellness for the GeriActive Individual  / Dr. Bill Johnson's Printable Slides 

Magical Carpet Ride Through Turkey with Claudia Veysel

Bad Moon Rising: The Prom Night Murders Memoir with Guest Presenters: Ed and Mindy Morrison

From Hillbillies to Hippies: The Evolution of Rock and Roll in the Shenandoah Valley with J. Steve Stronsnider

Hanford, Washington – From Making Plutonium to Detecting Gravitational Waves with Bill Ingham

Telomeres: What Are They and Why Does DNA Need Them? with Anne D Henriksen

The Northern Lights: Mankind’s Earliest Impression of the Polar Regions with Ralph Allen

Let's Talk About SEX! Sexual Health Among Older Adults with Dr. Dayna Henry

Charles Dickens and Women with John Noffsinger

Mennonites in the Valley with Phil Kniss

Section Hiking the Virginias' Appalachian Trail After Retirement with Dave Pruett

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