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This innovative and intensive program offers students the opportunity to examine how international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are affected by changes in their operating context. Students will become more familiar with the distinctive features of these organizations, their managerial challenges, their economic dynamics, their social and political environments, and the values they seek to realize. An intensive summer curriculum engages students via a case-based pedagogy that requires them to apply various principles central to the management of international NGOs. Over the course of the program, students will conduct several different projects related to the varied phases of a particular international NGO's operations.

This focused program delivers 12 credit hours of instruction during three online courses (taken during nine weeks of JMU's summer session from mid-May through mid-July) and one week-long field experience in Vietnam in mid-August with Dr. Ken Rutherford, Director of the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery.

Students substantively employed in an NGO will return to work upon the completion of the program. Students who are not currently employed with a relevant NGO will also conduct a 6-credit academic internship with an international NGO within 15 months of completing their course work in order to complete the entire certificate program.

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