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Art of Debate is an online course that offers an introduction to policy debate that will prepare students to compete at a tournament. Through this course, students will learn:
  • The primary roles of affirmative and negative speakers (this includes speech times/order and norms for prep time/cross-examination)
  • Basic strategies for approaching speeches, including the negative block and the first affirmative rebuttal
  • The ability to recognize and distinguish between major policy debate arguments (including advantages, disadvantages, counterplans, critiques, topicality, and debate theory)
  • Technical debate skills such as flowing, signposting, and roadmapping
  • An understanding of basic persuasive rhetorical strategy
  • How to recognize/produce quality research that can be used in debate rounds

Students who already have some experience with competitive policy debate will benefit from this course as well. Their assignments and activities may be altered on a student-by-student basis at the discretion of the instructor to match their level of experience.

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Dates: July 9 - August 3, 2018

Program Fee: $300 (3 credit option available)

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Required Materials
  • Microsoft Word (strongly recommended) or another word processing program
  • Microphone and webcam
  • Camera or scanner (for submitting assignments that are written by hand)
Required Reading
  • Students will be provided with a sample evidence packet at the start of the course to which they will be expected to add their own research. 

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