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Winter 2021 Program (Held in Person)-

Dates: Saturdays from February 6th - 27th, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

(There will be an inclemenet weather day on Saturday, March 6th if needed.)

Grades: 1st-8th

Registration Fee: $140

Course Options

Junior Jivers (1st - 4th Grades)- Come dance with us! Join us if you are looking for a morning of dance technique, movement and rhythm, and jiving!  The class will consist of jazz technique, coordination and rhythm exercises, and a choreography piece where we will work on a comprehensive dance for the end of the program! We will also be incorporating the basics of theatre and performance. No prior dance experience necessary- all levels welcome! Also, no equipment required! The participants will simply be asked to come with comfortable clothing that they can move in, hair tied back, and a pair of sneaks!  

Learning to Be a Mad Scientist (1st - 4th Grades)- Science is a whole world of curiosity.  In this class, we will learn all about the science that is in our world around us.  We will have fun getting to be hands-on and experimenting with science.

Lego Engineering (1st - 4th Grades)- This class is for young Lego enthusiasts who are ready to delve into the world of engineering and computer coding.   Each week, students will be presented with a different LEGO Engineering challenge designed to spark their creativity and put their technical problem solving skills to work.  Participants will also get to work in teams to build and program Lego robots using the We-Do Lego curriculum.

Art in Motion (2nd - 5th Grades)- In this class, students will explore kinetic art (art that moves) and Op-art (art that fools the eye). The work of artists such as Alexander Calder, Bridget Riley, and Jean Tiguely (and more!) will be looked at, and creations will be made based on their work.  Some of the materials we will use include clay, model magic, paint, and cardboard. This will be a fun, hands on creative class. 

Junior Marine Biology (2nd - 6th Grades)- Do you love the ocean and the animals that live there? This course will help you to learn more about your favorite ocean animals and what it takes to work with them! 

Sustainable Sounds (2nd - 6th Grades)- Sustainable Sounds is a class designed for young artists wanting to explore both listening to and creating music in non-traditional ways. By using recycled instruments (glass soda bottles, pots and pans, metal spoons, brooms, etc) students will have the opportunity to engage with other students as a group as well as learn many ways that they can express their artistry through our “instruments”. Class features include watching/listening to various artists perform with non-traditional instruments online, practicing music making on a wide variety of recycled instruments (either from home or provided in class), featuring musical abilities in weekly showcases/talent shows, and working each week as a class to make an original song using their newly learned instrument and creative ideas. 

España (2nd - 6th Grades)- Learn about Spanish culture, the running of the bulls, la tomatina, flamenco dancing, and more!!

We're All a Piece of History (2nd - 6th Grades)- In this class, students will have an opportunity to explore Black History Month through various fields such as literature, cuisine, art, and STEM. Every week, each student will create a patch to represent their takeaways. At the end of the month, we will put together our class patchwork quilt to synthesize the impact Black History still has on us today.

Pokemon Go (3rd - 6th Grades)- Pokémon Go class is open to anyone wishing to combine the fun of the game app with the healthy benefits of outdoor exercise.  Students from beginners to seasoned players are welcome.   Children will hunt and catch Pokémon, engage in battles and train with others, trade catches, and learn and share different gaming strategies.   We'll also be going on scavenger hunts, learning more about local art, architecture, and points of interest around JMU, as well as mapping adventure routes and designing and building our own Pokémon-style creations with STEAM activities.  

Imaginary Worlds of Children's Literature (4th - 6th Grades)- Join us as we explore Narnia, Wonderland, Oz, and the Hundred Acre Woods over the next 4 weeks. 

FBI Agent Training (5th - 8th Grades)- Have you always wanted to pick up on your friends and family member's emotions and know what they are thinking? Well then this is the class for you! In this class, you will learn tips and tricks for noticing the small things about the people around you.

Lead Like a Duke (5th - 8th Grades)- Dukes look to lead the charge, shape the conversation, seize opportunities, unite communities, and Be the Change.  Learn time-tested, research-proven leadership strategies that will help you to approach any situation confidently – effective communication, team development, conflict resolution, goal-oriented and growth mindset, efficient planning, and so much more!  The same strategies taught by Fortune 500 companies can help YOU to lead like a duke.

A Star in the Making (5th - 8th Grades)- Give yourself a chance to get on stage with your peers without needing to memorize an entire script! This class will keep you on your toes and give you the opportunity to have fun while watching skits, performing skits, and playing theatre-based games.

Instrument Construction Projects (6th - 8th Grades)- Have you ever wanted to make your own musical instrument? Get your hands ready to create a rainstick, thunder tube, didgeridoo, and more! Learn how different materials create unique sounds. Construct musical projects to take home and perform. We will even add some technology to a lesson to see how computers and technology can make everyday objects become musically alive!

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