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Congratulations Spring 2021 Graduates!

As the conclusion to yet another academic year at James Madison University rapidly approaches, the pending graduation of the class of 2021 looms ever larger. While the past year has been defined by immense personal sacrifice, it is important during this season of graduation to take a step back and celebrate the broad achievements of the class of 2021.

This year's graduating class is one of our program's largest to-date, consisting of twenty-six students, including six graduates from our inaugural ECED 2+2 track. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that Andria Philpot will be delivering this year's virtual commencement address. Andria is one of the first graduates from our ECED 2+2 course track and we are extremely excited to hear her address!

For all of our graduates, the second weekend in May stands as the culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. The late-night study sessions, the weekend sacrifices, and the creative time management strategies are all part of an academic journey which has required a collective commitment that is beyond measure. While we are sure all of our graduates have battled against moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, their graduation from James Madison University stands as a testament to their immense will-power, reflecting what can be achieved when you set out on a path and continuously reimagine the bounds of what is possible. So, as we turn the page on yet another academic year, we urge our graduates to pause and survey all of the ground they have covered in their educational journeys. It has not always been easy, but with great difficulty comes even greater reward.

-The ADP Team

Upcoming ADP News and Deadlines
  • Apr. 29 – Last day of classes
  • May 1 – Graduation application opens in MyMadison for December 2021 graduation candidates
  • May 6 – Final day of spring semester
  • May 12 – Final grades posted in MyMadison
  • May 17 – Most summer courses start see https://www.jmu.edu/registrar/_files/deadlines-summer.pdf for details on summer terms
  • May 31 (Memorial Day holiday) – University is closed
  • June 18 (Juneteenth holiday) – University is closed

Note: Registration is open now for summer and fall semesters! Registration for fall will shut down in late May so that new freshmen can register. Student self-registration will reopen in August. Have questions? Contact your advisor, Virginia at trovatvp@jmu.edu.

May 2021 Newsletter

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