Director, Professional Development

My job is to match professional training and consulting services to people and teams in the  business, government, and nonprofit sectors. Individuals may enroll in our online or in-person courses to earn credentials and learn skills that help them in current and/or future employment. Organizations can request custom trainings and coaching to help their team be successful. Professional development includes individual skills training, such as in Project Management or Six Sigma, but can also include industry-specific training, such as our Human Resources or Paralegal Certification.  

Prior to this role, I spent 7 years as a real estate and small business owner, 8 years on Harrisonburg City Council, and over 15 years serving as staff or a board member of various nonprofit organizations. This broad experience allows me to understand the needs of both public and private entities.

For me, the best part about this role is helping individuals and organizations access educational resources that make an immediate impact on them meeting their goals. If you have an idea or question about potentially taking a course or training, be in touch!

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