Graduate Assistant
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PCE Graduate Assistant, Outreach & Engagement

Previous Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Psychology from James Madison University

Current JMU Graduate Program: Sport and Recreation Leadership


Where are you from? “Virginia Beach, Virginia.”

Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? “I would love to see myself in some sort of athletic organization. I would love to be a part of a collegiate volleyball program, preferably coaching, or being a part of an athletic department of some sort on either the high school or college level.”

What is most exciting to you about working with PCE? “I’m most excited to work with the people, both professional staff and other GAs. I am also excited for this experience to grow professionally in a setting that I am not as familiar with at JMU.”

What are your hobbies? “Coaching and playing volleyball, watching Netflix, going to the beach, hiking, watching sports, and hanging with friends.”

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