Course Overview

The students will become familiar with general educational issues and music education trends affecting special learners in the United States. Questions about music education teaching and learning will be covered, and students will be introduced to variations in language ability, assessment, inclusion, and music education in a diverse world.

The class will develop a sense of community online through reading and posting to discussion forums and communicating regarding case study and video presentations. Students will become knowledgeable in the areas of language, motor, visual, and social development, connecting current research and theory about special learners in music education to classroom practice.

To synthesize thinking and learning experiences, students will also critically assess inclusive school settings.

The course is listed each semester as MUED 598; specific dates and section numbers will be available on our main website,, under the current semesters Credit Courses listing.

Course Details

Who Should Take the Course?

This unique distance learning opportunity offers teachers the opportunity to engage in distance learning while retaining the personal teacher/student relationship through close communication with the professor and author of the course.

This professional development opportunity can be taken for 3 graduate credits.

Course Materials

Students will use materials designed by Connect for Education, a company that has developed award-winning and cutting edge interactive web-based courses.

The materials provide a unique educational experience for students by giving them the freedom and flexibility to learn and communicate, using the latest multimedia and internet technologies.

All materials and information are included in the package purchased from Connect for Education and technical support is readily available from the instructor and company.

About the Instructor

Dr. Alice M. Hammel is a leader in the field of students with special needs and music. Her degrees are rom the Florida State University (MME) and Shenandoah University (DMA and BME -- Magna cum Laude). Dr. Hammel also holds Level III Kodály Certifications from James Madison University and Level I Elementary General Music Certification from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning.

In addition to teaching at the university level, she has many years of experience teaching both instrumental and choral music at the elementary and middle school levels, and has published widely in music, special, and general education journals. Dr. Hammel has also co-authored the two books listed below with Dr. Ryan Hourigan.

Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Label-free Approach

Teaching Music to Students with Autism

Dr. Hammel has also contributed chapters to several other Oxford University Press publications including Composing our Future.

Dr. Alice Hammel
3131 East Weyburn Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23235 


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