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Experience Olympic Fencing at James Madison University!

July 22-26, 2013 10am-4pm $175/person

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This week-long day camp is for children ages 10-15. To accommodate both new and experienced fencers, this year's camp will focus on saber fencing, a popular fast-paced and dynamic weapon seen in the Olympics and the style usually loosely depicted in the movies (the fencing seen in Zorro, the Three Musketeers, the Princess Bride, and the Pirates of the Caribbean is most like saber fencing) which utilizes both cuts and thrusts, or as kids usually like to say, slashes and stabs.  The camp will: cover basic footwork, techniques, and strategies; teach safety and proper equipment usage; provide guidance and coaching through practical experience; explain rules and terminology used in Olympic style fencing; and allow the students to compete in a realistic fencing tournament at the end of the camp.

Payment can be made by mailing a check for $175 to:

JMU Outreach & Engagement
127 W. Bruce St.
MSC 6906
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Payment must be received by the start of the program.

For any questions, please contact Katie LaPira at 540/568-5532 or