Learn About What Outriggers Does!

out·rig·ger [definition]-a framework extended outboard from the side of a boat; supporting a float that gives stability.


Just like the definition of an “outrigger” states, Outriggers is dedicated to helping others maintain balance and improve all aspects of their organization. Outriggers work by request to develop individualized programs catered to the particular desires of the organization in need.  We develop programs catered towards team building, communication, group dynamics, leadership, and group goals. Requesting Outriggers is a great opportunity to mix up your weekly meeting or add to trainings, retreats, etc. Outriggers serves groups and organizations in the Harrisonburg and JMU community. We provide the opportunity for organizations to recognize and fulfill their highest potential.

Here’s how it works:

**Due to COVID-19, Outriggers has moved to Virtual Programming only for the Spring 2021 Semester.**

Outriggers facilitates programs that include hands on activities and in depth discussions. Request a program, and we will create an individualized program for you. Programs generally last between 30-90 minutes. We have helped out in executive meetings, committee meetings, hall meetings, general meetings, after school programs, retreats, sports practices, and many other events.

Fill out the following form online: Online Outriggers Program Request Sheet to request a program! We ask that you submit a program request at least 14 days before the requested program date.

We can’t wait to work with you! If you have any questions or comments please contact the Outriggers Program Assistant, Bella Cabaccan-Picart, at outriggers@jmu.edu.

Interested in joining our team?

We look for members who…

  • Are enthusiastic about helping others grow and learn
  • Enjoy teamwork, communication, leadership, and organizational development
  • Can commit at least 3 semesters
  • Feel comfortable speaking in front of others

Questions? Contact the Outriggers Program Assistant, Bella Cabaccan-Picart, at outriggers@jmu.edu.

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