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J109.1 Bicycles may not be kept anywhere inside academic or administrative buildings without written permission from the building coordinator. If all the residents of a living unit concur, bicycles may be stored in student rooms and suites. Storage may occur only within the confines of the prescribed areas. Bikes should never be left in halls, corridors or stairwells or on landings or handicapped ramps.

J109.2 Bicycles improperly placed or stored in campus residences, other campus facilities, hallways, corridors, stairwells, landings, or handicapped ramps will be confiscated by the university and forfeited by the owner. Wall mountings to store bicycles are not permitted; damages caused by the storage or transportation of a bicycle are the responsibility of the bicycle's owner.

J109.4 When possible, lock bicycles to bike racks; do not secure them to trees, railings, lampposts, fences or handicapped ramps. Bicycles are not to be stored in campus bike racks or otherwise left on campus or within university facilities by persons not currently enrolled for classes including the summer sessions. Such bikes are considered abandoned property and are subject to confiscation and subsequent sale as state property.

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