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  • Student must make contact with site supervisor within 24 hours of intake interview. 
  • Student must attend all scheduled hours and one-on-one meetings with the site supervisor.
  • Student must complete a Time Management Activity with their Civic Learning Coordinator.
  • Student can miss only in cases of emergency with the proper advanced notification. Proper method of notification should be discussed with the supervisor and the definition of "emergency" should be agreed upon during the first one-on-one in advance.


  • The site supervisor will keep track of student's hours and activities performed at the site for the purposes of official documentation.  Students must also keep track of their hours to update their Civic Learning Coordinator throughout the process.

Community Involvement Activities

  • Student must complete two community involvement activities and submit them by the deadline specified on the program outline.

  • Requirements for the Community Involvement Activities reflection sheet are outlined here.

Final Reflection Paper

  • Student must submit a final paper to the Civic Learning Coordinator online prior to the exit interview.

  • Requirements for the paper are outlined here.

Exit Interview

  • Student must call 540-568-6218 to schedule an exit interview with the Civic Learning Coordinator after their hours have been completed.

Online Assessment

  • Students must complete an online assessment three times: before beginning the program, immediately after completing the program, and one month after completing the program.


Contact your Civic Learning Coordinator.

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