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Frequently Asked Questions for Site Students

Why was I sanctioned to the Civic Learning Mentor Experience instead of a class?

The accountability process is intended to be educational, rather than punitive. Your case administrator or accountability board chose a sanction that they felt would best meet your needs.

What will my site supervisor and others at my site know about me?

Your site supervisor will know that you have been sanctioned through our office but will not know the nature of your violation. In most cases, others in the office, including student employees, will only know that you are volunteering. If it is not possible to keep this information confidential, the site supervisor will tell you. It is up to your discretion to share any further information about your violation.

Can I count my volunteer hours at other organizations toward my site hours?

We are glad that you are volunteering in the community. The Civic Learning Site Experience, however, is designed to provide you opportunities to network within the campus community. Site hours must be completed with an office or department on campus that has been trained to work with our program.

Can I count my site hours toward my court-sanctioned community service requirement?

Community service hours that are part of a court sanction are unrelated to the Civic Learning Site Experience. Questions about what can count toward community service hours should be referred to your court-appointed case manager.

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