Accused Students who reject the decision made by their Case Administrator are given the opportunity to meet with a full time staff member in the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices to advise them in understanding the process of a Accountability Board Case Review. At this advising meeting, the advisor will discuss:

  • Accountability Board Procedures - to review, see the Accountability Board Procedures in the JMU Student Handbook.

  • Accused Student Rights at the Accountability Board - to review, see the Accused Student Rights - Accountability Board in the JMU Student Handbook

  • The Role of a Support Person or Attorney

  • Student Responsibilities

    • General Expectations of the Student

    • Student Accountability Board Preparation Checklist

  • Administrative Witnesses, Accused Student Witnesses, and Reporting Party Witnesses (if applicable)

  • Appeal Procedures - to review, see Appealing a Decision in the JMU Student Handbook.

  • Questions

If you have any additional questions on the Accountability Board Process or the Advising Session, contact the Associate Director, Wendy Lushbaugh.

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