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Why Assess?

Accountability and Professionalism

Student Affairs practitioners, just like all administrators and faculty members in Higher Education, are being asked to demonstrate how what they do affects student learning and development. Accrediting officials, policy makers, board members, presidents and members of their oversight boards, parents, and even students are showing an increased interest in the learning outcomes of the programs and services offered on college campuses. 

Program Assessment Tools
Current Projects & Programs
Assessment Presentations & Posters
Conference Presentations

Assessment- A Process from Start to Finish
          Presented by RJ Ohgren, Office of Judicial Affairs, and Mandalyn Swanson, M.S., Center for Assessment and Research Studies (2013)

Discovering characteristics of Behavioral Students:  
     A Journey to Programmatic change
         Presented by:  Wendy Lushbaugh & Chris Orem

Civic Learning Program Development Over Time: 
     A Look at a Decade of Development & Change (2010)
         Presented by:  Wendy Lushbaugh & Greg Meyer

Judicially Sanctioned Mentoring and Service Learning Experiences (2010)
         Presented by:  Wendy Lushbaugh, Tammy Knott, Greg Meyer & Dana Broadnax

Mentoring As A Judicial Sanction:
     Assessing Sense of Belonging (2007)
         Presented by:  Wendy Lushbaugh & Sara Finney, Ph.D.

Conference Posters

Engaging in Rigorous Instrument Development to Increase Validity of Assessment Results (2008)
     By: Jilliam N. Joe, Wendy M. Lushbaugh & Mary M. Johnston

Impacting Students One at a Time (2008)
     By: Wendy Lushbaugh, Jilliam Joe

Assessment Awards

NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

    • 2007 NASPA Excellence Gold Award: Civic Learning: Impacting Students One at a Time, by Wendy Lushbaugh

ACPA (American College Personnel Association) – Commission for Assessment & Evaluation

ACPA CAE Emerging Best Practice in Student Affairs Assessment Award - This award was developed in 2006 to recognize innovative and high quality student affairs evaluation and assessment plans being implemented by ACPA members.

    • 2007 ACPA Emerging Best Practices in Student Affairs Assessment Award for Civic Responsibility program
    • 2008 ACPA Emerging Best Practices in Student Affairs Assessment Award - Student Learning & Development Outcomes for Civic Learning: Impacting Students One at a Time
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