Options for Disciplinary Action

JMU students are expected to maintain a high level of maturity, responsibility and common sense regarding their behaviors and actions. In addition, students are responsible for understanding policies, rules and regulations contained in the JMU Student Handbook, the Residence Life Guidebook, their JMU Residential Contract, the JMU Honor Code and information from residence hall staff members. Students may contact their resident adviser or hall director if they have questions.

The following are possible disciplinary actions that might be taken after a student violates the residence hall policies, rules or regulations:

  • Residence hall incident documentation
  • Follow-up discussion with a staff member
  • Behavior contracts or agreements
  • Educational assignments, special projects or flexible sanctions
  • Referral to other campus agencies
  • Payment for damages/restitution
  • Restriction from a specific residence hall or building for a specified time period
  • The Office of Residence Life Official Letter of Warning
  • Fines
  • Referral to the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices


Students may receive fines for violations of residence hall policies including, but not limited to, the following:

Violated Policy  Fine
Alcohol/empty containers $75
$50 (per day per pet)
Balconies, roofs, windows and screens $50
Bicycles, wheeled vehicles and hoverboards $50
Bunk beds/improper bunking/unassembled beds $50
Candles and incense $75
Cleaning/housekeeping $50 (minimum)
Community Standards $75
Early arrival $100
Failure to evacuate in a fire emergency $75
Fire safety (including room inspection violations) $75
Furniture misappropriation $50 (per day per piece of furniture after a 24-hour grace period to return furniture)
Improper check-out $50
Lock Change $50 (Apartments on Grace - $75)
Lock-out violation
$50 (first two lockouts no charge, $50 for third and each additional lockout)
Loft bed improper storage $50 (immediate and additional charges of $25 per day for each day the materials remain improperly stored)
Loft bed inspection failure $50 (after failing second inspection: 72 hours after first inspection and $25 per day for each day the bed remains without inspection approval)
Loft bed up after deadline $50 (plus incidental charges for damage or improper checkout)
Non-compliance with official request $75
Quiet hours/noise $75
Smoking/vaping $75
Suite combination change $50 (first time no charge)
Temporary Access Card lost $25
$50 (minimum)
Unauthorized room change $50
Unwelcoming to potential roommate $75
Wireless Routers $75

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