We’re excited you signed a JMU 2020-2021 Housing Contract. Please remember the contract is binding and guarantees you a space on campus for the fall and spring 2020-2021 academic year. We look forward to having you back with us again next year and will have some housing news in the future that we will send to you via your dukes email account.

You may be getting pressure to sign an off-campus lease – DON’T! You don’t have to worry about where you are going to live next year yet. You can rest assured that your space is secured on campus. If you have a potential roommate in mind you want to live with next year, encourage them to sign a contract as well – you can both choose to live close, live supported, live safe, and live engaged together. Room selection for returning on-campus students will take place in the spring semester. Keep checking your dukes account for more information about the Online Room Selection process in the spring.

Please note, if you sign a lease off-campus in addition to having already signed an on-campus 2020-2021 Housing Contract you will be fully financially responsible for both. Signing a lease does not release you from your JMU 2020-2021 Housing Contract. We do not want this to happen to you and/or your family. You have already signed a JMU 2020-2021 ON CAMPUS Housing Contract for next yearDo not sign an off-campus lease*.

Click for more information about the JMU 2020-2021 Housing Contract.

*After reading the contract, some students get confused and think they can “buy out” their JMU Housing Contract for a 10% fee. This is not correct. There is no “buy out” option in the contract. Please do not sign an off-campus lease.

We truly are excited to have you returning to on-campus housing next year!


James Madison University


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