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Signing Up for Transfer Orientation

What if I am unable to attend Transfer Orientation?

All students are expected and encouraged to attend orientation. This is a day full of opportunities for you and your family to discover everything that JMU offers. It's your opportunity to meet with your academic advisor, ask questions, and complete your class enrollment! If you are unable to attend, please check the "unable to attend" option found on the “My Orientation Reservation” step.

DISCLAIMER: Students who do not attend Orientation may not have another opportunity to meet with their academic advisor or complete their class enrollment. Please note that all incoming student accounts are billed the $180 Orientation fee, whether or not students attend orientation programming.

I have already submitted my orientation reservation through the One Book website, but I want to change the date that I have been assigned.

You may edit your reservation date through the One Book website by selecting any available date, including "unable to attend".

The "My Orientation Reservation" step will lock down five business days prior to your scheduled orientation date; at which time, reservation change requests must be submitted through the "send a message" tab at the top of the One Book website. Include your available date(s) and preferences (including "unable to attend") with your request. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but this will depend on advisor and date availability.

December Transfer Orientation / Transfer Summer Springboard

What are the dates for December Transfer Orientation / Transfer Summer Springboard?

Please refer to the Orientation homepage for specific program dates. Transfer students admitted for the spring semester attend December Transfer Orientation and transfer students admitted for the summer and fall semester attend Transfer Summer Springboard.

How many family members may attend Orientation?

Students are asked to limit their guests to two people.

When and how do I enroll in classes?

After you meet with your advisor during Orientation you will complete your semester (spring, summer, or fall) class enrollment. Additional information is listed in The Transfer One Book.

PLEASE NOTE: Students admitted for the summer must also meet with an advisor during Transfer Summer Springboard to enroll in fall classes.

How long will we be on campus for Orientation?

Orientation is a full one-day program. Check-in begins at 7:45am (doors open at 7:30am) and the day wraps up around 5:30pm.

Information About Majors

I have already submitted my orientation reservation through the steps, but I want to change my major.

You may edit the "My Orientation Reservation" step to change your declared major through the One Book website until five business days prior to your scheduled orientation date.

At that time, change of major requests must be sent through the "Send a Message" tab at the top of the Transfer One Book website. In your request, include your full name, the major selected with your original reservation and the new major you would like to declare. Requesting a change of major after you have reserved your orientation date may cause your date to change depending on advisor availability for the new major.

I am interested in two majors, which do I declare on the My Orientation Reservation step?

You may only declare one major at this time. Please inform your advisor during Orientation that you have an interest in pursuing two majors. Your advisor will help you determine the best time to add a second major.

What if I want to declare a major that is different from the major I listed on my JMU application?

That's fine! The major you indicate on the "My Orientation Reservation" step will be your JMU declared major. Students occasionally change their major after applying for admission.

Do incoming transfer students have to declare a major now?

Yes, if you have over 30 transfer credits you must declare a major now. If you have questions about the major you are interested in, please refer to the website of the major you are interested and also review the Explore Majors page.

I am interested in a pre-professional program (such as pre-med or teacher education), what should I do?

On the "My Orientation Reservation" step, under the "Declare your Major" task, select your desired pre-professional or teacher education program in the pre-professional section. If you are interested in the teaching professions, refer to the Transfer One Book or the Explore Majors page to determine the correct major and/or concentration.

Additional Orientation Questions

Do I need to bring an official transcript to Orientation for my advising session?

An unofficial transcript is acceptable for Orientation, however, you must send your final transcript to the JMU Office of Admissions. Refer to this page for more information.