Downloading Guidebook

Download via web browser or find the app on the iOS App Store. Tap to download and install the Guidebook app.

You can also utilize the web version.

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Accessing the Guide

The 1787 Weeks of Welcome guide is in the JMU branded space within the Guidebook app. To access this guide, search for 1787 Weeks of Welcome within Find Guides. From here, you’ll select it and download the guide.

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User Accounts

We strongly encourage you to create an account since it is required to access some of the features including syncing your schedule and completing session registration.

In-Guide Navigation

Select the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the screen to access the navigation menu. Once the menu bar is open, there are three icons on the right-hand side. You can search content within the guide using the magnifying glass. The share icon will allow you to share the cover page URL. Tapping on the arrow circles will download the latest available updates to the guide.

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From the menu, you can access the various components of the guide. This includes the schedule of events, campus map, information about campus dining and other important resources, so be sure to look at everything. See below for details on some of these features.


You can find everything you need to know about sessions during 1787 Weeks of Welcome in the Schedule. Tap on the dates at the top of the screen to navigate through the schedule. Tap on a session name to get more details.

The colorful dots on sessions indicate schedule tracks, which are tracks for sessions according to topic, intended audience, etc. These are very important!

Each first-year student has a track based on the day they move onto campus. Select the menu button in the bottom right-hand corner to see track options. To view your track, select the day you move in, for example, “First-Year Sunday Move-In". This will give you a schedule of programs you’ll need to attend the evening and day after you move in. You will also want to select “Choose Your Own Adventure” to see the events scheduled from Friday, Aug. 21 – Tuesday, Aug. 25.

For transfer students, you can simply select the transfer track to find your schedule.

Starting Wednesday, Aug. 26 you’ll be able to see all the other events going on and sort them by various categories such as entertainment, film, social, and more!

 Schedule Overview screenshot     Tracks Overview screenshot   

My Schedule

When exploring the schedule, you will see plus sign symbols next to session titles when viewing a schedule overview. Tap on the plus sign (+) to add a session to your My Schedule. This will help you build your own personal schedule of events.

If you tap on a schedule session name to learn more about it, you will have the option to “Add to My Schedule” at the bottom of the screen. Tap this button to add the session to your My Schedule.

My Schedule screenshot 

Event Details and Registration

When you select an event, it will open to a new page with more information. Below the session description text, you will see a survey link for you to complete after attending the event.

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Under the Resources folder, you will find some important resources to help with the transition to JMU. These include information on all departments within Student Affairs, department office hours during move-in weekend, JMU COVID-19 resources, event calendars, important locations on campus and links to some great places in Harrisonburg!

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