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Orientation Peer Adviser

Jenn Asbell

Year:  Senior

Major:  Media Arts and Design

Hometown:  Suffolk, VA

Dream job:  My dream job is to work for Vans shoe company doing graphic design work.

Favorite class at JMU:  My absolute favorite class at JMU has been Ballet because I had no dance experience but learned so much, and it was great to have a class where we got to move and express ourselves.

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  My favorite place in Harrisonburg is at the top of Campbell Street on the Mason block because you can sit on the wall overlooking downtown and watch the amazingly beautiful sunsets.

Favorite JMU tradition:  My favorite JMU tradition is throwing streamers at football games. It never gets old.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Jen Conn

Year:  Senior

Major:  Psychology and Justice Studies

Hometown:  Deerfield, NH

Favorite candy:  Milky Way

Favorite place to study:  Third floor study rooms in Rose Library

Favorite place to eat in Harrisonburg:  Vito's

How did you know JMU was right for you?  I knew JMU was right for me when my tour group walked into Taylor Down Under and everyone started clapping and cheering.  Someone stared straight at me and said, "Go here!" I had never seen such positive energy on a tour before.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Bridget DeMott

Year:  Junior

Major:  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Hometown:  Springfield, VA

Favorite movie:  “Big Fish”

Favorite place to study:  TDU

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  The Artful Dodger because they serve a terracotta pot of tater tots for brunch.

What do you love most about being a Duke?  I love the abundance of opportunities that JMU offers to create educated and englightened students.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Brian Fellin

Year:  Junior

Major:  Health Communications

Hometown:  Flemington, NJ

Favorite TV show:  “Criminal Minds”

Favorite place on campus:  I basically live at UREC, I love working out and feeling great.

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Union Towers is a great place to hang out with friends and have some fun jumping into the water.

Favorite place to eat in Harrisonburg:  Capital Ale House

Orientation Peer Adviser

Jake Janesch

Year:  Senior

Major:  Communication Studies and Public Relations

Hometown:  Lancaster, PA

Favorite TV show:  “How I Met Your Mother”

Favorite movie:  “Inception”

Favorite class at JMU:  The Introduction to Communications class was the first class that I was completely interested in at JMU, even though it was a ton of information. The class was engaging and the theories we learned about were all so applicable.

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Reddish Knob!  It was such an adventure from campus that I enjoyed every moment. It is such a great view from the top and an awesome place to go in general.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Hannah Keener

Year:  Junior

Major:  Mathematics & Economics

Hometown:  Johnstown, NY

Favorite song:  “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden

Favorite movie:  “Pride and Prejudice”

Favorite place on campus:  My favorite place on campus is E-Hall on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  E-Hall brunch is absolutely fantastic.  Their tater tots are exceptionally good and their chocolate chip waffles are to die for.  If you're ever looking for a good pick me up on those slow weekend mornings, E-Hall is the place to go.

What do you love most about being a Duke?  Being part of something bigger than myself. It a souce of insiration for me to better myself and to be an active member in the community.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Jae Kim

Year:  Junior

Major:  Psychology

Hometown:  Centreville, VA

Favorite TV show:  “The Office”

Favorite class at JMU:  Child Psychopathology was the first class that made me really question what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  It sparked a love in me for clinical psychology that made me want to look deeper into the profession.

Favorite place on campus:  On top of the ISAT stairs, next to the James Madison statue because it is the perfect place to watch the sun set over our beautiful campus!

Favorite place to eat on campus:  D-hall when they have Buffalo Mash...Yum!

Orientation Peer Adviser

Kelley Krzynefski

Year:  Senior

Major:  Computer Information Systems

Hometown:  Centreville, VA

Favorite treat:  Dark chocolate covered pretzels

Favorite song:  “Landslide” by the Dixie Chicks

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  The Ice House’s open floor plan and modern vibe allow me to be creative and gain professional office experience as a student working on the JMU website.

How did you know JMU was right for you?  My first JMU visit and tour was on crutches…in the rain…and I still fell in love!  I just had an overwhelming feeling that this was the place I needed to be…it was probably my JMU spirit growing "in my heart."

Orientation Peer Adviser

Kemper Lake III

Year:  Senior

Major:  Music Education - Vocal

Hometown:  Spartanburg, SC

Favorite class at JMU:  Music and Human Services was a class on how to use music intentionally in different services available, like hospitals, daycares, schools, hospice, etc.  This intentional music was not to develop musical skills, but to work on human skills (social, cognitive, kinesthetic, emotional, etc.).

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  This overlook on Summit Avenue has such an amazing view of Harrisonburg and it always leads to really great conversations.

Favorite JMU tradition:  Clapping in the middle of the circles on the Quad

What do you love most about being a Duke?  The shared culture that you have with every student on campus. The people are all amazing and simply by going to JMU there is just an automatic, unspoken connection that I feel you wouldn't get at other colleges.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Kelsey Lineburg

Year:  Senior

Major:  Engineering

Hometown:  Charles Town, WV

Favorite class at JMU:  In my Engineering Design class we worked together to design, prototype and test a bike for a young girl with cerebral palsy.  Throughout the year, we had the opportunity to apply our engineering knowledge to design a bike that provided independence, recreation and safety to our client.  I will always cherish the memory of watching Lena ride her bike (with a huge smile on her face) for the first time.

Favorite place on campus:  The ISAT patio is my personal oasis.  Nothing is more peaceful and rejuvenating than enjoying a sunset while overlooking our beautiful campus.

Favorite place to study:  Hillcrest Honors Lounge

What do you love most about being a Duke?  Being a Duke means being a part of a community that is built on love, passion and the pursuit of excellence.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Austin Link

Year:  Senior

Major:  Hospitality Management

Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Favorite TV show:  “Freaks and Geeks”

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  WXJM (JMU-run radio station), I love to play my favorite music for tons of people or even do a sports-talk show.

Favorite JMU tradition:  Madipalooza

What do you love most about being a Duke?  The friendly spirit that you encounter with everyone you meet; students, faculty, and staff all give off a very neighborly vibe.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Tyler Marcous

Year:  Senior

Major:  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Hometown:  Chesapeake, VA

Dream job:  Middle school history teacher

Favorite song:  “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen

Favorite place on campus:  The tunnel going from Forbes to the quad because you walk out and see the quad and the iconic scene of JMU.

Favorite place to eat on campus:  Market One

Orientation Peer Adviser

Cameron Martin

Year:  Senior

Major:  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Hometown:  Holly Springs, NC

Favorite candy:  Peanut butter M&Ms

Favorite place to eat in Harrisonburg:  Food.Bar.Food.

What do you love most about being a Duke?  I love the pride and passion that each student displays on a daily basis.  Everyone who goes to JMU came here for their own reasons, but has the same love for this place!

Why did you want to work for Orientation?  Being a student athlete here at JMU, I felt like I was stuck in a bubble and I wanted to do more.  Being an OPA means the world to me because I can give back and help incoming students have an amazing first-year experience just like I had!

Orientation Peer Adviser

Zack McCann

Year:  Junior

Major:  Communication Studies and Political Science

Hometown:  West Windsor, NJ

Favorite TV show:  “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Favorite class at JMU:  Philosophy was an incredibly enlightening class and I took away more then I thought I would.  I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the lectures.

Favorite place to eat in Harrisonburg:  Benny's

How did you know JMU was right for you?  JMU gives off this vibe that I still can't point my finger on.  There's just something about JMU that makes it stand out from any other university.  I've felt this way from my first visit, and that's how I knew. 

Orientation Peer Adviser

Sloan Meadows

Year:  Senior

Major:  Biology

Hometown:  Ashburn, VA

Favorite song:  “Blinded by the Lights” by Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Favorite TV show:  “Big Bang Theory”

Favorite place to study:  3rd floor of Bioscience

How did you know JMU was right for you?  I knew JMU was right for me when I moved in. I looked around and saw beautiful scenery and I was surrounded by beautiful people inside and out each in their own way.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Dan Miller

Year:  Junior

Major:  Health Sciences

Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Dream job:  I want to provide healthcare services to different parts of the world where such care isn't readily available.

Favorite song:  “Dirty Pop” by NSYNC

Favorite place on campus:  With the incredible food, booming social atmosphere, Dunkin' Donuts, of course and the many offices and resources offered in the building, the Student Success Center is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to go for just about anything on campus!

What do you love most about being a Duke?  The thing I love most about being a Duke is the shared love everyone here has for our university!  There's an odd comfort in knowing that if I scream "J-M-U!" on my way to class, I'll get a loud "DUUUUUKES" in return.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Nadi Moyston

Year:  Senior

Major:  Communications

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, VA

Dream job:  To work for a professional basketball team doing media or community relations

Favorite TV show:  “Scandal”

Favorite place to eat on campus:  Top Dog is my favorite because their grilled chicken sandwiches and fries are absolutely amazing!

How did you know JMU was right for you?   I did not visit or really see JMU's campus until Summer Springboard, but I knew JMU was right for me when I left the campus that day. The experience and people I met throughout the day are all things that I will never forget! I counted down the days until move in because I was so excited to see my room, meet up with my Springboard group and so many new people, and finally get to see more of the campus!

Orientation Peer Adviser

Taylor Mugford

Year:  Junior

Major:  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Favorite candy:  Milky Way Caramel

Favorite song:  “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  I love going to Funky's Skate Center.  I had never really been to a skating rink until I came to JMU and I think Funky's is awesome!  It's inexpensive and a great place to go with friends on the weekends!

How did you know JMU was right for you?  I knew that JMU was right for me the first time I visited.  I am a pretty outgoing and positive person and when I visited I felt like a lot of people at JMU were just like me.  Everyone had such an incredible amount of pride for their school, so much that it made me want to be a part of it!

Orientation Peer Adviser

Carly Munn

Year:  Senior

Major:  Justice Studies

Hometown:  Leesburg, Virginia

Favorite treat:  Brownies

Favorite TV show:  “Scrubs”

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Food trucks!  Do I really need to explain?  So many food trucks, so much happiness. 

How did you know JMU was right for you?  As a first generation college student, when I took my first tour of JMU, I explained to my tour guide that I was really unsure about what to be looking for or what to think about college in general.  He immediately encouraged me not just to come to JMU but to go to college in general, talking about what an extremely transformative and wonderful experience it had been for him.  His investment in me was just the beginning of the investment JMU has provided for me.  I wouldn't say I knew JMU was right for me in an instance but rather I have been continually reaffirmed that it is right for me through interactions with friends, professors, organizational leaders and staff.  JMU is a place of genuine investment, a place that helps you be the change.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Sarah Orthwein

Year:  Junior

Major:  Media Arts and Design

Hometown:  Parsippany, NJ

Dream job:  Social media specialist or media advocate for a company in the sports industry

Favorite TV show:  “New Girl”

Favorite JMU tradition:  I love the Homecoming game every year!  It is something that radiates so much school spirit!

What do you love most about being a Duke?  I love the fact that even if I don't know every single one of them, I have the largest and most supportive family here at JMU.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Ana Padilla

Year:  Senior

Major:  Health Sciences with concentraion in Public Health Education

Hometown:  Manassas Park, VA

Favorite candy:  Ferrero Rocher

Favorite song:  “Lost Without You” by Robin Thicke

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Lover's Leap is a hiking trail that I enjoy!

How did you know JMU was right for you?  I knew JMU was right for me since the first time I came for a tour and people opened the door for me and smiled.  I instantly felt like it was a friendly place and I knew I was meant to be part of that friendly environment.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Matt Powers

Year:  Senior

Major:  Health Science

Hometown:  Roanoke, VA

Favorite candy:  Snickers

Favorite song:  “Satellite” by Dave Matthews Band

Favorite movie:  “Top Gun”

What do you love most about being a Duke?  I love the atmosphere and positive energy here. Anywhere you go on campus people are always wanting to talk to you and help you out.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Jess Rieger

Year:  Senior

Major:  Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy

Hometown:  Smithtown, NY

Favorite movie:  “Toy Story”

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Greenberry's is a little cafe right by campus that has great coffee.  This is my favorite place to sit and do homework or read a book. It is a very relaxing and calm environment, and a plus is that the food is great too!

Favorite JMU tradition:  Madipalooza

Why did you want to work for Orientation?  JMU has impacted my life so much.  I have met some of the most amazing people here and I have grown an incredible amount.  I feel so lucky to be here, and I want to be a part of ensuring that everyone gets the same kind of experience.  I remember how nerve racking the college transition can be, and I want to alleviate those nerves.  I want to be there to make the transition into college as easy as possible.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Hannah Shaffer

Year:  Sophomore

Major:  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Hometown:  Chesterfield, VA

Favorite candy:  Nerd Ropes

Favorite movie:  “Life As We Know It”

Favorite place to eat on campus:  PC Dukes

How did you know JMU was right for you?  There are no words.  It was just a feeling I had never felt before that was somewhere between the explanations of love and home.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Marissa Shartel

Year:  Senior

Major:  Media Arts and Design

Hometown:  Springfield, VA

Favorite TV show:  “Once Upon A Time”

Favorite movie:  “The Breakfast Club”

Favorite place to eat on campus:  Festival; I love their salads!!

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Cinnamon Bear!  It's a small bakery/deli that a lot of people don't know about but I absolutely adore it! The food is amazing, the people there are super friendly, it's never too crowded and the lighting and decor are amazing.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Hunter Sjogren

Year:  Senior

Major:  Communication Studies and Interdisciplinary Religion

Hometown:  Mechanicsville, VA

Favorite movie:  “The Other Guys”

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  I love going to Purcell Park with my friends on the weekends because it is a nice way to get some outdoor activity and it's nice to get away from campus for a little while.

Favorite place to eat in Harrisonburg:  I absolutely love burgers, so I love going to Jack Brown’s not only because their burgers are fantastic, but you can get an unique variety of toppings, like peanut butter!

Favorite JMU tradition:  D-Hall food!  I always look forward to Cheesy Thursdays where you can eat all the grilled cheese you want and peanut butter pie every Wednesday!

Orientation Peer Adviser

Rachel Smith

Year:  Senior

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, VA

Dream job:  Author

Favorite song:  “Make You Better” by The Decemberists

Favorite place on campus:  Bridgeforth Stadium because I love the atmosphere on game day!  Being surrounded by Dukes of all ages (alumni, current students, visitors and little future Dukes), singing the fight song, and watching purple and gold streamers be thrown for every touchdown makes me feel so at home!

How did you know JMU was right for you?  I knew JMU was the university for me when I didn't want to leave.  People always laugh at tour guides when they say you will feel it in your gut and just know which school is for you when you get there, but I definitely got that feeling!

Orientation Peer Adviser

Robby Smith

Year:  Senior

Major:  Psychology

Hometown:  Chesapeake, VA

Favorite movie:  “The Little Rascals”

Favorite place on campus:  The creek by Mr. Chips is peaceful and it is relaxing to sit underneath the weeping willows by the running water.

Favorite place to eat on campus:  E-Hall

How did you know JMU was right for you?  My sister completed her undergrad here the year before I started here.  I knew when I was helping her move into her dorm that this was where I wanted to come. I just had to wait four long years until it was my turn.  Seeing campus come alive on her move-in day was a total selling point for me.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Mikayla Storey

Year:  Junior

Major:  Psychology, with an Exceptional Education minor

Hometown:  Allentown, NJ

Favorite candy:  Rolos and Skittles (not together!)

Favorite place to eat on campus:  Top Dog

How did you know JMU was right for you?  When I originally decided to tour JMU, I honestly wasn't expecting to like it much.  However, when I got to campus I knew this was where I needed to go to school.  Everywhere we went I saw people stopping to say hi to each other and to my tour guide and it made me realize how this truly is a big school with a small school feel.  It only took me that one day and I already felt at home.

Why did you want to work for Orientation?  I had an incredible experience with orientation and wanted to be able to give first years a similar experience.  JMU has also given me so much since I started my first year, and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and give back to such an incredible university.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Shane Van Hoy

Year:  Junior

Major:  Justice Studies (Global track) and Communications (Advocacy concentration) with a Women and Gender Studies minor

Hometown:  Fredericksburg, Virginia

Favorite TV show:  “How to Get Away With Murder”

Favorite place to study:  Rose Library because I like the open atmosphere and the quiet that comes with it.

Favorite place to eat in Harrisonburg:  Artful Dodger is my favorite because it has a wonderful inclusive atmosphere. Occasionally they have a drag show that is really great. The food is amazing too, I definitely recommend it.

Why did you want to work for Orientation?  I wanted to work for Orientation because transitioning is hard.  My transition here was one of the toughest things I've ever had to go through. I didn't think i fit in and i didn't really know who i was.  College is all about reinventing yourself and i did just that.  I want to help those who are having a tough time and truly be there for them.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Mitch Weissman

Year:  Senior

Major:  Management

Hometown:  Stamford, CT

Favorite song:  "Style" by Taylor Swift

Favorite TV show:  “Family Guy”

Favorite place on campus:  TDU takes the gold here.  I love playing pool.  It's a great way to relieve stress and just hang out by yourself if you need time alone.  I also love when they have concerts there, especially when I get to play in them!

Why did you want to work for Orientation?  It seemed like a great way for me to leave my mark on Madison and most importantly for me it seemed like a great learning opportunity.  Being a business major I know that most of my career will rely heavily on working with teams and being an OPA was the perfect opportunity for me to work on a team in a professional environment.

Orientation Peer Adviser

Margaret Wight

Year:  Junior

Major:  Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hometown:  New Market, VA

Favorite movie:  “Wreck-It Ralph”

Favorite place on campus:  Every Friday I get a bagel with one of my best friends at Einstein's Bagels. Bagel Fridays forever!

Favorite place in Harrisonburg:  Downtown Harrisonburg because the little shops are so cute and everyone is so friendly. Each time I go down there I seem to discover something new.

What do you love most about being a Duke?  Knowing that I am always going to be a part of the most selfless community one could ever wish for.