NOTICE: Marching band to implement new cold weather safety procedures


SUMMARY: Special measures will be applied for members of the JMU marching band in preparation for Friday's playoff game at JMU.

The JMU Marching Royal Dukes are committed to the safety of their members. It is our number one priority.

Special measures will be applied in preparation for cold weather that may be present at Friday's playoff game at JMU.

With a high temperature of 34 degrees F and a low of 19 degrees F, cold weather should be taken seriously:

1. MRD UNIFORM FOR FRIDAY: We will be wearing our MRD rain jackets, so please make sure you have yours ready. Our "UNIFORM" will be the rain jacket (no MRD jacket), bibbers, white gloves (for performances only), and SHAKO/PLUME (for performances only.) This will allow you to wear as many layers as you want under the rain jacket to STAY WARM.

2. HAND/FOOT WARMERS – We will distribute hand/foot warmers at rehearsal on THURSDAY. Please make sure to have these ready on Friday.

3. GLOVES – you will be able to wear whatever gloves you want IN THE STANDS. Please plan to have your white MRD gloves on your uniform for Pregame and Halftime. Otherwise, you can bring/wear whatever gloves you want. WOODWINDS, obviously, consider flip-top mittens.

4. THERMAL, THERMAL, THERMAL – if you have thermal undergarments, this would be a great day to wear them. If you don’t have thermal undergarments, now we would be a great time to get them.

5. VALVES & MOUTHPIECES – We will provide extra hand warmers for brass players to apply to these areas in order to prevent freezing.

6. FOOD – We will be providing a meal for the band during the game, as well as hot chocolate throughout the game.

7. WARMING AREAS – We plan to provide an area with heaters designated for band members. This will allow us to rotate in and out of the stands to get additional heat as needed.


Scott Rikkers
Director, JMU Marching Royal Dukes


On behalf of:
Chase Conrad Maszle ('17)
Communications and Marketing Manager, JMU Athletic Bands

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Published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Last Updated: Friday, November 3, 2017

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