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July 2013

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UHC Spotlight: Women's Health Clinic

UHC Women's Health Clinic

Get birth control and emergency contraceptives for less money at the UHC

Here's a #JMUgirlproblem, do you need a girl doctor?

You could go back home for this, but we're at JMU now and the University Health Center has a women's health clinic just for JMU students.

Phyllis Munn, a board certified women's health care nurse practitioner on the UHC staff, directs the women's health clinic. She has 22 years of experience, including six at the UHC, making her not only a women's health specialist, but a specialist in female JMU student health.

"The UHC offers a wide variety of medical services unique to female students in the women's health clinic," Munn said. "Those services include comprehensive evaluation for common women's health conditions."

UHC women's health clinic visits are free and the costs for tests and vaccines are posted on this price list, including:

  • Oral contraceptive pills $40 (3 packets)
  • DepoProvera $45
  • Emergency contraceptive $25
  • Pap test $45
  • Pregnancy test $5

"Call 540-568-6178 for a safe, confidential, judgment-free appointment," Munn said. "And if you are a transgender student and you think your needs would be better met in the UHC general medical clinic, just tell our appointment staff and they will schedule you accordingly."


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