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During the summer semester of the EUPS program, students have the choice to complete either a research thesis or internship. This year, twelve students were placed in internships across the city, representing nine different organizations. JMU EUPS was present at the European University Institute, UNESCO, Oxfam Italia, Robert Kennedy Institute, and U.S. Consulate. Additionally, this summer two students also had the opportunity to intern with the government of Kosovo, a position that allowed them two trips to Pristina, Kosovo for their project. 

Karah Fissel, Logan Hoffman, and Meghan Pearson interned at the European University Institute. Karah worked at the European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO), which is part of The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, where she assisted two professors with research on European Political parties. Logan worked with the Max Weber Programme at the EUI, where he researched higher education employment trends across the EU in a collaborative project with the University of Oxford and assisted in the updates and redesign of the Academic Careers Observatory webpage. Meghan worked in the Communications Service of the EUI to develop and grow the EUI's alumni network. During the State of the Union conference, Meghan helped to coordinate social events for alumni as well as set up and organize the day's participants at Palazzo Vecchio.

Dane Farrell and Jacqueline Severance worked with the Centro di UNESCO Firenze Onlus creating a strategic social media guide with the intended use for UNESCO clubs and centers around the world. “There was really very little material for UNESCO clubs to form a social media plan, we wanted to pool our knowledge and create something helpful for the organizations to use.” Dane and Jacqueline researched social media best practices and prepared a survey for UNESCO clubs and centers, working closely with the Florence UNESCO center and in communication with the Italian national federation. 

Jordan Burns and Meghan Neibuhr interned at Oxfam Italia, where they successfully hosted two fundraising events and one awareness event. In May, Jordan and Meghan hosted a trivia night at a restaurant in Florence. The success of this event was followed up with another fundraising event, a murder mystery party. At their final event, a Hunger Banquet, guests heard stories from people from all social classes around the world and ate meals according to their rank in society. In addition to their event planning, Jordan and Meghan researched sustainable small scale farming practices and the effects of climate change on women in developing countries. 

Ben Snook interned at the Robert Kennedy Training Institute Training in Florence, a non-profit organization that conducts training programs with human rights advocates from around the world. Ben researched human rights training and education programs around the world and wrote articles on various human rights issues and recent news developments for the Robert F. Kennedy Institute website.

Lewis Creech and Audrey Lievens interned at the U.S. Consulate in Florence. Through working at the consulate and observing some of the ways the US and Italy interact, Lewis developed a new appreciation for the Italian-American relationship and noted that “the work we do in representing the US to the city of Florence shows the continued importance of working together on both large and small challenges." 

Shannon Rano and Karissa Suarez del Real interned with the government of Kosovo in collaboration with the U.S. embassy in Kosovo. Karissa worked specifically with the Ministry of Education and University of Pristina, researching anti-radicalization strategies. Shannon worked with the Ministry of European Integration, researching the rule of law and trends in accession to the European Union. While in Kosovo, they had the privilege attending the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini's address to the Kosovar Parliament granting visa free travel to the EU.

In addition to their internships, students attended a series of professional development seminars and events, designed to prepare them for their professional life post graduate school. The completion of these seminars and assignments along with 200 internship hours and in in-depth portfolio will fulfill the students’ graduation requirements for the summer 2016 semester.  

Published: Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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