Professor Emeritus, Music Theory

Vicki Curry is a Professor Emeritus and was an Associate Professor of Music in General Studies and Music Theory at James Madison University. Dr. Curry holds a B.M. degree in music education from Butler University (Indianapolis), an M.A. degree in music theory and composition from the University of Denver, and Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Utah. Prior to coming to James Madison, she taught at Westminster College (Salt Lake City) and, most recently, the University of Utah.

During her years at the University of Utah, Vicki Curry taught the whole gamut of undergraduate music theory for majors in addition to miscellaneous music history and appreciation courses for nonmajors. Twice, she offered short study-abroad courses that traveled to European cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Dr. Curry’s awards in teaching include Delta Gamma, "Anchor" Award for Teaching, 1997 and the “Student Choice Award for Excellence in Teaching,” University of Utah, 1999.

Over the years, Dr. Curry has reviewed numerous textbook manuscripts for publishers, written extended syllabi for correspondence courses in music theory and music appreciation, and published two workbooks to accompany textbooks used in general education. In addition, she created all the listening charts and musical analyses for Music: The Art of Listening, 5th edition by Jean Ferris. In 2005 she published Introduction to Music Theory--an interactive, multimedia textbook/workbook on CD-ROM. Currently, Vicki Curry is creating online tutorials for Joseph Kerman’s text Listen.

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