James Madison University School of Music

Monticello String Quartet

The Monticello String Quartet, Quartet-in-Residence at James Madison University, consists of string faculty members Wanchi Huang, Max Rabinovitsj, Amadi Azikiwe, and Carl Donakowski.

Monticello Strings

Each year the Monticello String Quartet selects students of the JMU School of Music to form the Monticello Strings. Each Monticello Strings project is a collaboration of students and faculty, fostering an ideal environment for rehearsing and performing the string orchestra repertoire. This highly select ensemble performs on campus and tours regionally and nationally to perform on behalf of School of Music.

Founded in 2010, this faculty-student touring ensemble, under the direction of the Monticello String Quartet faculty members, consists of a total of 12 members.