Credit by examination is offered for the core Music Theory and Aural Skills courses. Exams for first-semester courses (MUS 141 - Music Theory I, MUS 143 - Aural Skills I) are offered only at a time and place announced at the beginning of each fall term.

For other courses, the exams need to be arranged individually with the Composition/Theory area coordinator, and must take place during the course adjustment (add/drop) period of the semester in which the course is offered:

  • Fall semesters: MUS 241, MUS 243

  • Spring semesters: MUS 142, MUS MUS 144, MUS 242, MUS 244

Students who have previously been enrolled in a course for any period of time longer than the course adjustment period are not eligible for credit by examination.

To take an exam, students should fill out a Credit by Examination form, get the appropriate signatures, pay the $25 fee at the Business Office, and bring the form with them to the exam.

A student who passes an exam will receive credit for the course on his or her transcript, but because there is no letter grade, it will not impact GPA.

AP info

Incoming students who have taken Advanced Placement Music Theory in high school, and who take the AP Music Theory Exam, are eligible to receive credit for the following courses, if their subscores are as listed:

  • non-aural subscore of 5 may receive credit for MUS 141 - Music Theory I

  • aural subscore of 5 may receive credit for MUS 143 - Aural Skills I

These credits will appear on a transcript as ungraded, and will not affect GPA.

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