Media Gallery
Encore in D Major "love note" Casey Cangelosi

Meditation no2 - Casey Cangelosi 2017

Béla Bartók - Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion

George Crumb - Music for a Summer Evening

Fertility Rites - Christos Hatzis

Casey Cangelosi - Iktsuarpok

little Spat in c sharp minor - by Casey Cangelosi 2016
Adler Dialogues for Euphonium and Marimba
Casey Cangelosi TEDx Performance
Laurel Black - Toccata, BWV 830
Casey Cangelosi Glamour
Partita No. 6 in E minor - Corrente (BWV830)
TAP ORATORY, Casey Cangelosi 2015
Steve Reich Clapping Music, Casey and Laurel
White Knuckle Stroll - Encore with JMU Wind Symphony
"Fractured Light" by Eric Guinivan
Percussion solo -Wicca- by Casey Cangelosi
"The Lonelyness of Santa Claus" by Fredrik Andersson
Casey Cangelosi Sleight of And Evil Hand
Meditation no.1 for solo snare drum
Caleb Pickering, Solitude by Samuel Peruzzolo-Vieira
Drift by Caleb Pickering

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