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JMU Giving Day is all about supporting JMU and encouraging Dukes around the world to do the same! 

How can I contribute?

There are three ways for you to help with JMU Giving Day!

  1. Become an Ambassador for JMU Giving Day

  2. On 3.24.20, donate to the JMU College of Visual & Performing Arts*

  3. On 3.24.20, donate to the JMU School of Music**


*Donations through the Giving Day website on 3.24.20 will go directly to the JMU CVPA Scholarship Fund.

**In order for your donation to go directly to the JMU School of Music, you have to call 1.855.568.4433 (JMU GIVE) on 3.24.20.

Who does my donation help?

Your donation to CVPA or to the JMU School of Music helps us to provide more resources and scholarships to students interested in studying the Arts at JMU!


My name is Alex Stenseth, and I am a Double Bassist and Music Industry Major. I went to George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church, VA. The scholarship I received really helped me feel like JMU wanted me just as much as I wanted them! I felt more solidified in my decision to attend and was more excited than ever. My favorite musical memory at JMU was definitely playing Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz with the JMU Symphony Orchestra this past fall. 

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