The Center for Multicultural Student Services sponsors annual Experiential Learning Trips (ELT) that are designed to immerse students into various cultural and ethnic experiences that support a co-circular learning environment. Each ELT offers a challenging learning atmosphere, promotes understanding, encourages open communication and supports team cohesiveness through small group experiences. Participants will increase their cultural awareness and knowledge as it relates to the overall trip theme, while increasing self-awareness, self-understanding and personal responsibility. 

Experiential Learning Friends

Individuals are offered the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through trainings and positions of responsibility. These positions, known as Experiential Learning Friends (ELFs), are offered to students (Sophomores - Seniors) through an application and interview process. ELFs are partnered with a professional staff member to conduct reflection sessions in order to process the emotional, intellectual and personal responses to an experiential learning trip as well as assist with the overall planning process. New ELFs are selected each academic year. Applications will be listed on the homepage when they are available.

For more information about ELT trips and ELF leadership opportunities, please contact Mr. Reginald Stroble at (540) 568-6636 or via e-mail at

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