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Important Information for 2018 Orders

Orders MUST be placed by August 15, 2018.

Merchandise ordered through the 2018 MRD Order Form is for CURRENT MEMBERS of the Marching Royal Dukes, only.  This year there will be a separate order form and process for purchasing additional merchandise for friends and family.


RETURNING MEMBERS: You are not required to complete an order form; however, if you would like to order additional MRD Merchandise for YOURSELF, please complete the 2018 MRD Order Form.

NEW MEMBERS: All New Members are required to purchase the necessary items identified on the 2018 MRD Order Form.  

Required Items

ALL members of the MRDs must have the following:  

MRD UnderArmour Short-Sleeve T-Shirt $9.00
MRD UnderArmour Long-Sleeve T-Shirt $18.00
MRD Baseball Cap $9.00
MRD UnderArmour Warm-Up Pants $32.00
White Gloves (wind players only) $3.00

Prices listed above are approximations, and are usually slightly less when we place our bulk-order.

ORDERS WILL BE PLACED ELECTRONICALLY (using the button above).  Orders  MUST be placed by August 15, 2018.  Orders will be distributed during MRD Registration.  

ALL MRDs must provide their own BLACK (non-patent leather) marching shoes.  These need to be in your possession by the start of Band Camp.  We recommend Dinkles or Drillmasters.  

MRD Student Account Charges

The JMU Bands will pick up the tab for almost all costs of being a member, including your meals and residence hall expenses during our required pre-season band camp, season travel, and performance day food and drinks.

Members are required to purchase supplies related to playing their instruments, as well as some required apparel.  You will be responsible for purchasing the following: marching shoes, white gloves, a MRD baseball cap, band T-shirt, warm-up gear. Each section of the band will have certain items that you will need to purchase (such as drum sticks, mouthpieces, and reeds).

Charges for all MRD Orders, equipment/uniform changes, and/or fines/repairs/replacements costs will be billed directly to each individual member's JMU student account. Initial charges will be submitted to the University Business Office in September and all others will be applied as they are incurred.  

NOTE:  Once these charges have been applied to your student account, the university may place a "hold" on your account until the fees have been paid.  These charges will not appear when your initial tuition is due at the beginning of the Fall Semester.  Most scholarship funds cannot be used towards these expenses.  This can effect class enrollment.  Please make sure these fees are taken care of as soon as possible once they have been added to your student account.  If another individual is responsible for paying your student account fees, please share this information with them so they will not be surprised with these fees after your initial tuition for the semester has already been processed.

Percussion Stick/Mallet Fee

All Percussion Members (Drumline & Front Ensemble) will be charged a $50.00 Stick Fee.  This fee will be submitted to the University Business Office and applied to your student account in September with other MRD charges.

Colorguard Items

All guard members will have specific equipment and uniform items to purchase. These orders will be placed over the summer (after auditions) and will be filled during band camp. These charges will be submitted to the University Business Office and applied to student accounts in September.


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