Last Update: 2020-08-23 KEK

General Guidelines for All Researchers Using Bioscience 2035

Everyone conducting research in 2035 must follow this SOP, which governs scheduling usage of common areas, basic safety precautions, and disinfection procedures. Additional details for microscope users are listed, below.

Two bottles of general disinfectant are provided by the department for general use. Do NOT use this disinfectant on microscopes or other instruments. The Microscopy Facility has provided bottles of 70% ethanol for disinfecting microscopes. Do NOT use these bottles of 70% ethanol for other uses.

Specific Guidelines for Microscopy Users

  • Before restarting work in the Microscopy Facility, all registered users MUST
    • Read the general SOP and this entire webpage.
    • Email Dr. Kubow ( so that he can review these guidelines with you and answer any questions.
  • All training of new users is currently suspended. Only currently registered users who have completed their training are allowed to use the microscopes.
  • Image analysis workstations may be used for image/data analysis as long as the capacity of bay is not exceeded. The computers may NOT be used for routine tasks that can be completed on a personal computer (e.g. writing, email, homework). Use of the macroscope and stereoscope takes precedence over workstation use.

Scheduling Time on a Microscope

  • Users must sign-up in advance using the Google calendar booking system. You may not just "drop-in" and sign-up after the fact. All usage (even “quick checks” and use of the computer only) MUST be logged in the Google calendar.
  • Only one person is allowed in each microscope room: Room A (Nikon confocal and Leica DM6b) and Room B (Nikon Eclipse and Zeiss Axioscope). Only two people are allowed in Bay #1 (Leica Macroscope and Zeiss Stemi stereoscope).
  • Because only one microscope in each room/bay may be used at a time, you must check the complete microscopy facility calendar to be sure that no one is booked for the other microscope in the room.
  • You must ensure that there is a gap of at least one hour between you and the preceeding/following bookings.

During Your Scheduled Time on the Microscope

  • Microscope users may NOT enter 2035 until their reservation begins.
  • Everyone must follow the Room 2035 SOP. In particular, you must wash your hands and clean your cell phone (disinfectant) upon entering the facility.
  • You must wear a face mask at all times; you may NOT remove it while working on a microscope.
  • You must disinfect the microscope and work area prior to usage unless the instrument has been unused for >3 days. Follow the disinfection protocols posted next to each microscope.
  • Users are only allowed to occupy the designated room/area for their microscope, except for occasional excursions to the sink, refrigerators/freezers, fume hood, color printer, and the exit. An additional user may also briefly visit an inner room when permitted by the current occupant (e.g. a faculty member checking on a student). Maintain a minimum 6-ft. distance from others at all times.

Completing Your Time on the Microscope

  • You must exit the facility by the end of your booking. Plan your time so that you have enough time to complete the decontamination procedure (which should NOT occur during the 1-hour gap period between users).
  • All changes to your booking (e.g. starting late, extending your time) should not interfere with other books and MUST be logged immediately on the Google calendar.
  • You must disinfect the microscope and work area. Follow the disinfection protocols posted next to each microscope.
  • Everyone must follow the Room 2035 SOP. In particular, you must wipe all door handles as you exit.

Getting Assistance and Reporting Problems

  • For immediate assistance, TEXT (do not call) Dr. Kubow. His cell phone number will be provided when you contact him about restarting work in the Microscopy Facility.
  • All other issues: email Dr. Kubow (

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