Futuro Latino Coalition Coordinator

Onesimo Baltazar Corona is the Futuro Latino Coalition Coordinator. In this role, he supports efforts to improve Latino youth's health and well-being by preventing the use and misuse of alcohol and drugs, educating the community, and seeking out funding sources.

He has collaborated with several community projects over the last two years, making a positive impact in the Hispanic community. He is an active leader and a member of various community organizations.

Onesimo is from Hidalgo, Mexico. He has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from “Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo” and a Master’s in Public Administration from “Instituto de Administración Pública del Estado de Hidalgo” in Mexico. He has worked for both private and public organizations in accounting and finance roles.

Mr. Baltazar founded “Dibujando Sonrisas” in Hidalgo Mexico, an initiative to bring toys, clothes and the most important, smiles, to kids in the mountainous region in Hidalgo each year during the “Día de Reyes Magos” celebration.

Onesimo is friendly, creative, responsible, detail-oriented, and resourceful. He lives in Harrisonburg with his wife and his two daughters. Dedicating quality time to his wife and daughters is the most valuable activity for him. He also enjoys spending time with his friends, traveling, participating in cultural events, designing and taking professional pictures.

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