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On behalf of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, welcome to our website.

At JMU, we are proud of a program that brings together many of the best aspects of undergraduate education.  Our goal has been to provide the environment for faculty-student collaboration that is most often seen in smaller liberal arts institutions while at the same time using our size and diversity to support far more opportunities than can be found nearly anywhere else.

Small classes led by full time faculty are the norm for courses for majors.  Through coursework and department academic events students are able to get to know faculty and learn about the many directions and opportunities available. Many will decide to do a research project with a faculty member at some point in their JMU career, either during the academic year or during the summer with a research internship supported by grants or other sources.  JMU students often present their work at national and regional professional meetings. 

With a large number of majors and a focus on the undergraduate program, students have many ways to develop and pursue their interests.  We have a rich major program in statistics and a very diverse offering of coursework across pure and applied mathematics.

The student focus of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics builds on the student-oriented culture found across the College of Science and Mathematics and the rest of the university.  There is much collaboration among faculty and students in both teaching and research, including cross-listed courses featuring mathematical biology, computational science, biometrics, and other areas. 

The department is also proud of its service to other programs.  A coherent collection of mathematics course offerings is a large portion of the interdisciplinary major designed for future elementary and middle school teachers. The department includes a research group addressing related issues, collaborating on a regular basis with the College of Education.  Mathematics and statistics courses support other major programs and general education throughout the university.  Many JMU students will choose to go beyond the mathematics requirements of their discipline and complete a minor in statistics and/or mathematics. The Statistical Consulting Center is a service to the JMU and larger community, as well as a source for research collaboration.

The department's online M.Ed.  in mathematics for practicing high school teachers is consistent with our commitment to service and education.

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We very much appreciate the financial support of friends and alumni, whose gifts are especially helpful in expanding research opportunities for students.  We encourage all to consider a gift to JMU Mathematics and Statistics. For more information on the types of impact your gift would have click here.

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