Dr. Jayadev Athreya , University of Washington
Pretty Dodecahedron

The Yellow Brick Road

Abstract: The amazing thing about mathematics research is that you never know when you'll find something new about something very old. With my friends David Aulicino and Pat Hooper, we discovered a series of paths on the regular dodecahedron with some very surprising properties. We'll use this as an opportunity to talk about platonic solids, flat surfaces, unfoldings, and symmetries. Lots and lots of pictures!

Jayadev Athreya is a Professor of Mathematics and the Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington, and the founder of the Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab. He  is originally from Ames, Iowa, and grew up in Ames and Bangalore. He graduated from Iowa State University, did his PhD at the University of Chicago, postdoctoral fellowships at Yale and Princeton, and was previously at the University of Illinois. He has held visiting positions in the UK, France, and in India. He is interested in the creative processes of mathematics, and in particular comparisons to the creation of art.

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