Past SUMS Conferences

  • SUMS 2018 Program and Poster (Invited Speakers: Alissa Crans, Kimberly Sellers)
  • SUMS 2017 Program and Poster (Invited Speakers: Suzanne Weekes, Dave Kung)
  • SUMS 2016 Program and Poster (Invited Speakers: Tommy Ratliff, Chaim Goodman-Strauss)
  • SUMS 2015 Program and Poster (Invited Speakers: Erica Flapan, Dan Velleman)
  • SUMS 2014 Program and Poster (Invited speakers: Gwyneth Whieldon, Laura Taalman)
  • SUMS 2013 Program and Poster (Invited speakers: Robert Lang, Carolyn Yackel)
  • SUMS 2012 Program and Poster (Invited speakers: Robert Bryant, Chuck Sonenshein)
  • SUMS 2011 Program and Poster (Invited speakers: Ruth Charney, Colin Adams)
  • SUMS 2010 Program, Poster, and Website (Invited speakers: Ravi Ramakrishna, Cliff Stoll)
  • SUMS 2009 Program, Poster, and Website (Invited speakers: Doron Zeilberger, Michael Starbird)
  • SUMS 2008 Website (Invited speakers: Michael Mossinghoff, Robin Wilson)
  • SUMS 2007 Website (Invited speakers: Ann Trenk, Michael Krebs)
  • SUMS 2006 Website (Invited speakers: Edward Burger, Tim Chartier)
  • SUMS 2005 Website (Invited speakers: Arthur Benjamin, Greg Warrington)

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